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  1. and the latest full download requires the patch... CRS???
  2. I can't install those operating systems on my machine. time to cancel subscription and get on with life......
  3. still not working, 10.6 or 10.7.....
  4. nope, still not working: Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x000000008fe01030 Crashed Thread: Unknown
  5. thinking of upgrading my g4 to a new machine. unfortunately this damn game factors into my decision! right now i get 2-12 fps, who's playing on what machine and how is the playability? any help would be appreciated! ranxer
  6. is anybody getting decent gameplay with mac? if so, what kind of mac are you on? is anybody using the new imacs? i need to upgrade my old G4, so i'm looking for a good machine to play this damn game.....
  7. can't control-h or control-tab from brigade screen, only during mission. sloooow fps most of the time 1-3 fps. ken mataya ranxer G4 1.25 Mhz, 1.25 gig ram, radeon 9800
  8. time for a little mac:csi.... here's what i believe happened, when i started combat mission in mac classic it reset my colors to 16k, which i didn't realize. i tossed out the displays pref pane forgetting that pref pane = control panel, not preferences. luckily i don't empty my trash that often! pref pane replaced, colors set to 32M, game runs! thanks for all your help. ( now if i can just get more than 2 fps..... )
  9. well, i'll be 38t'd, my display control panel is gone from my system preferences..... anybody know how to get that to reinstall?? thanks for the help. ken ranxer
  10. i deleted all the ones i could find, same problem - black screen and nothing more....
  11. tried to start up combat mission the other day, which runs under classic. it had some trouble starting up and never actually worked. since then, when i start wwiionline the black screen comes up and that's as far as it gets, i have to restart the computer. i've reloaded the latest game and thrown out the mac classic preference pane, but still having the same issue, HELP! i'm jonesing! i need my crappy german armor! ken