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  1. Will the Realism event Campaign take place every Tuesday, if so is there going to be an event today?
  2. S! First of all I want to say I really do appreciate these events, and the hard work Lindir puts into it! However this event may not have been the most fun. First of all it was a hours wait for players, and then we were running around a while trying to find good spots (Thanks mr2 for the great leadership!). That was pretty fun, since it's always a bit exciting before the action starts. Then came the boring part... I was sitting in the same position waiting for something to happen for about 2 hours, seemed like the allies had quit and gone for a cup of tea in the woods. Finally I hear reis firing his LMG and a para runs out in front of me, I put a couple of rounds into him and a few moments later I'm dead myself. Never saw what killed me... After that mr2 surrenders and Allies win. It could've been fun if it weren't for all that waiting... I hope we get more ppl next time, and that they won't be quite so scared to die, so we get quicker action, or that there will be a time limit for the attackers. Thanks Lindir for organizing these events, and good job allies!
  3. Thanks LINDIR, great fun! I'm going to do my best attending every realism event possible, and next time I'm not gonna let anyone run past me and live :-) /Kvick
  4. LOL, I knew he were somewhere around! I got a shot at him, and then I was too scared to stand up and shoot him, so I kept hiding and thought that I would hear him move and kill him on the run, never did though Would be great if u posted those screens
  5. It was great fun, although I didn't do much good I followed the main group, then I broke of trying to get a view of AB and cover the North part. I only fired one round, it hit a grenadier, but he didn't go down and then I lost track of him. Then it was announced that we had won and we regrouped at AB and celebrated
  6. I'd like a FW pls, it doesn't matter which group though
  7. LOL, 700$ of course, the conversion from swedish kronor to dollars got f*cked up.
  8. I do know how to build a computer, but I'm a bit insecure about what parts a priceworthy nowadays. My budget is ~7000$ for cpu, grafic, mem and motherboard...
  9. So 256 memory doesn't make that much difference?
  10. I mostly wondering if it's best to have much memory or a better card, whitch is prioritised...
  11. IT's too expensive!! I'm just a poor student, lol
  12. Hi! I have terrible fps in wwiiol and so I'm going to buy a new computer, but I need some help with what graphics card I should buy. Either I wanna buy a Radeon 9800Pro with 256mb memory or a Nvidia 6600GT with 128 memory, which do you think will work best with wwiionline? /Kvick
  13. I realise my computer is old, but since it worked with 1.19.. Does everybody have reduced fps and my comp just won't take it anymore or if I could make it better... I've attached my diaxdiag.
  14. I haven't heard so many people complaining about low FPS since 1.20, but I have been cursed with really bad FPS, so bad that I don't know if I can continue playing this game, 1.19 I didn't have great FPS but it was enough to play... I've almost configured my game as in the sticky thread "XP increase your fps" as well as I can since the config is change in 1.20. Anyone have know how I can increase my FPS or is it so that my computer no longer is good enough for this game? My computer: AMD Athlon XP1600+ Geforce 3 ti200 768mb DDR RAM