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  1. Version Looks like something is broken, player cant join the server by some errors. He got to 2 messeages if he click on campaignserver Registrysearch error No registry entry for the game and crash to desktop after this very fast. How can it happen ? He got the new fullversion of the game early in the morning (Berlin time) ... solutions ?
  2. re-install the game - is the solution. Thx Guys
  3. Is Bloo not longer available too ? Check this:
  4. I like it
  5. Get your friends together and catch us ..... if you can
  6. definite, Oldzeke sorry, but do you want help or would you like talk about hypothetical things ?
  7. Is very helpful as first.
  8. Hi, what is your problem exactly ? Or contact please, he should help you.
  9. the event was yesterday ...
  10. haha you will get it in a few min movie-upload is running
  11. hmm this movie is not available in your country ...what the hell is that ?
  12. Well was a nice Event, had a lot of fun on the Axis TS ... i hope Fraps has got all the conservation and ......... songs ... yes , songs and the crash of Reddog I hope i can get it online on (Youtube,of course ) Sunday. S! *Edit have to shift 41gb omfg
  13. Check your drivers again please and give us your system specs
  14. @qa Thats not the right xml. Search for wwiiol.xml in your my documents/Battleground Europe folder. There can you find the wwiiol.xml . The content looks like this : In some xml files appears on this place cange it to your Resolution even.
  15. hmmmm each player has the .xml file so far as i know. All drivers so far the newest right ? Try the download from my webspace (Full) (Patch for the Full)
  16. hmm curious, i have talked to some freetrialplayers until friday evening and they had the problem with the link only ... and i have test it too a few min ago ... there is no email ... wait please until the staffteam is available again. sorry. btw it helps not to start new threads about it ...
  17. ah ok , other freetrialplayers got it and had problems to activate the trial via the link. Create a new account and try it again please.
  18. Your friend should click the link in the mail again please. Hick is right, there are still some problems but it works for many other freetrail players
  19. Hi, try this solution please, iknow your problem appears on some systems : Open your wwiiol.xml you can find it under documents/your_battlegroundeurope_folder Enter and save it start your game This is my desktop resolution 1920x1080x32, please enter yours at this place.
  20. Yes. The Staffteam is working on it ....
  21. For the Allieds : Brit. Grenadier vs. Ai-Tower right click -> save French Grenadier vs. Ai-Tower right click -> save Sorry , for my allied friends , it was not possibel for me to find a way to destroy a AI-Tower with one nade. Its possibel , if you can place the nade nade near the gunner , but its very very diffycult . You can destroy the tower , if you place 3 nades close as possibel to the tower (at the ground) For the Axis : Bouncing nades vs. Ai-Tower right click -> save German Grenadier vs . AI Tower right click -> save' rel="external nofollow">
  22. I can offer you a TS 3 Server as alternative. Its the German(speaking) Community TS Server. port 9997