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  1. I have a start a new serie "How to kill ......" on youtube. (More movies follow in the next weeks) I hope it helps a little bit- Enjoy QenfxTPsrXI upUZc_cuUFc evzvi-bT2BI K4b5BMu1Bpg sF16xTYO68Y oQXJKeoTCYM SnM6fONr0RI
  2. Yes really nice, Tankbattles, i love Tankbattles . All tankers allowed ! Sounds really good with 10 different groups of it ! :D
  3. Maybe should you add this list to the first post, Frantish
  4. maybe can we stick it together . Its the 10 anniversary of Battleground Europe next year (that was the idea behind the euro con from my side & rote7). A lot of the german-speaking Community are interessted too, if we could start it in the center of europe ... as example Berlin maybe ?. And I think we should make it .
  5. Sign me in too as .... i have a job behind this lines , thx . @Frantish i have edit your post for a small picture
  6. Reinstall the game please and try it again
  7. Really nice pictures & Idea , Frantish
  8. any other ideas, suggestions ??
  9. Boah CRS Special Service for Hinfoos
  10. I will send MM a note about it
  11. forgive him for he know not what he do ..... again
  12. Sorry for my short delay with this movie , but here is it :
  13. I think, i could start to hate you
  14. Why not here too?
  15. Hello togehter , as Side command for the "Japanese Task Force" would i like to see the confirmation of each Squadronleader until 4 January 2010 please. Squadronleaders : FYI. You will be removed from this postion and replaced by other players , if this is needed after the 4nd January 2010. Give me your XO , and XXO until 2nd January 2010 too please. Thx in advance. Pilots: Here is a picture for you. I know, each Stukapilot kows how to destroy the DDs , but we have a lot of new players with us and we all want the major victory over the "US Task Force". Last update
  16. Please no more sign in here , please move to the Training Server and report in and wait for your answer or remember me again in you would **** to join the Stukas , when i overlooked you. Thanks in advance . Greni -> Thread closed
  17. Overtake the XO Position Shokaku please @all the last update will your find still here
  18. np drop me the players via PM please
  19. Update : Pilots here are your final StukaGroups :
  20. Thx for your offer You taking the command of Soryu and Hiryo, but i need the confirmation of Heehop soon as possible please
  21. Need 1 CO more please (minimum )
  22. Currently collocation of the Stukagroup Staffelbomberführer / Squadronleaders 1fst Carrier Div. Akagi Co Rote7 XO Kaga Co Rote3 XO 2nd Carrier Div. Soryu CO (confirmation missing) XO Hiryo CO (confirmation missing) XO 5th Carrier Div. Shokaku CO Rodlee XO Jamesi Zuikaku CO (confirmation missing) XO
  23. I will publish the stukalist in a new collocation at the evening. These list will be closed 1,5 h before we start the event. Stand by please.
  24. I have one by a member of the german speaking community , if we need it, but we should come to a decision soon . I must talk to Sirbenny first before we enter the CRS Server for it to create teh Channels