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  1. sorry for a possible misunderstanding , each group 1 channel ...of course
  2. Cool . @all Stukapilots Do we need space on CRS TS or a seperat TS for the event ? Whats your decison to work with all stukagroups together? Let me know it please.
  3. Great plan , Rote7 . Thank you.
  4. The japanese send a lot of hoaxes before the attack starts....maybe can you see here some too , one of these attackplans will be the right one ....maybe
  5. Squadronleaders : This is your last chance to confirm your postion as Squadronleader : Last call until 4 January 2010 !
  6. Ice, can i get a detailed screen of the position of the ships ?
  7. And they did not attack with Stukas
  8. Kamikaze is programm too, we are Japanese
  9. ? which unit , Stukas allowed only atm j/k
  10. Eh Ice, i hope you know what you do .
  11. I got a request by Cancro . He wish to fly on my side , because he has a problem with the "languagebarrier".... I hope you can make it possible. Thx in advance.
  12. Like this ? right click , save Im not the right man for the ATGs , i don`t play them, my favorite units are Inf(sapper, grenadier,smg) or tanks even.
  13. I want the Stuka .Place me to the Group of Schnikki please . I know i said in the other thread, i would grab the DD this time , but i prepare to see many burning DDs from above BOONNNZAAAAIIII
  14. Yes , the Pearl Harbor Event was really great & funny ! I would like to sit in the DD this time because in the last Pearl Harbor Event was my part to bomb the ships
  15. Its wanted after Cthl or CTD to kick your "ghost" out of the game. All4u is right , a restart of the game is needed then.
  16. ? i will check it ...
  17. Hi fri7z , you should be able to get more FPS like 25 .... Dont search a possible mistake in the gamesettings alone . You should get more , if you change a few settings on your vidcard directly