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  1. If nobody will join the LW CO position , let me take it .
  2. Looks like im blind on my old days Whats happen with the starttime ? where is it ?
  3. to Jammyman & Malize & all other involved players around the event-management yesterday It was a very great show! I had many fun with all people around me and our instructions. Defend here , then here and come back again . The first hour was quiet , but after this hour burned each town around Calais. The very best fight of course was the battle around Calais, the last fortress of the Wehrmacht hr hr . It was hard & a short fight and i must say , im not really sure who was the winner. Of course the allieds got the bunker but was it in the remaining time ? Irrlevant , i have no problems to fight this match again for a clear proof around the battle D-Day .
  4. Date ?
  5. 19.00 CST
  6. Where is the freaking timer for this hot battle btw ?
  7. 47th Division (Calais Area) Let me in
  8. Try this
  9. Try it with these settings again: Many people with other problems before are happy now
  10. *signed in * As AA Gunner please , had bad experiences last weekend with the bombers Im sure frantish will tow me this time
  11. Uh , that is not really my plane on the screen ? Revenge is sweet and the revenge will be mine , Frantish
  12. Should be in your CRS folder Btw. Frantish got me as last plane over Piesport *cry mode on * :D (had a problem with my joystick , of course j/k)
  13. ?` start - programms- crs - training .... should work
  14. Sign in on the Training Server please and PM Jammyman .m Jammyman (your Message ) Thx
  15. Guys , join simple the Training Server and stay there . Jammy is there too , im sure he will find for you the right place in this great event
  16. The server is up and not locked , Jammy is there to move the brigades into teh right position ... cool down:)
  17. Its correct , if your machine have enough power, you can run with 2 accounts on 1 machine . You can change by alt tab between the acounts then , no second installation needed and no other second things like joystick, mouse or whatever
  18. Möchtest Du darauf wirklich ne Antwort ? Server is up . Ändere mal in den Settings den Connectiontyp best , primary secondary . Das hilft in den meisten Fällen
  19. Thx mate , I use Adobe Premiere Pro for this and sometimes supported by Adobe Photoshop to insert screens.
  20. argh ... cant be there ... my birthday ....
  21. Fine , i will try to be there and im sure a few Squaddies would support it too and i cant the not on 13th Tuesday is the 13th ...not 14th....