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  1. The game is more CPU based then GPU based. And it only runs on 1 core. so some of the performance can get a bit laggy in big battles but its not to bad. As for long loading times that is for a dev to answer. I will forward this post to CRS chat see if any guys can help.
  2. @tex64 Are you running the game on steam? If so disable the steam overlay it helps cut lag down a bit.
  3. What im saying is i can still see rambo happening with all the lmg's still.. might just take more skill. We will have to see it in action. I would rather see way more recoil undeployed just my 2 cents.
  4. I will be interesting to see if anything takes LMG's place as a rambo substitute.
  5. keep the thread on track this topic is about LMG's Not SMG's. You can make a new thread for that if you would like.
  6. Not the case at all. Its been talked about internally in CRS general slack chat by members from all teams Dev / QA / Marketing / Support ect. With some good arguments for and against changes to LMG's.
  7. this explains the bar better.
  8. So heres the thing with the BAR the United States started use with it in WWI and its primary use was to lay down cover fire fast and move between trenchs with out the need of setting up a mounted MG. The French ChauChat was the same idea. When WWII came around the United States didn't have a LMG so they tried to substitute the BAR as an lmg While LMG trials were underway to adopt a actual LMG which was the Browning M1919 mg.
  9. BAR is an automatic rifle. hints the name Browning Automatic Rifle Just as the fg42 isnt on the list.
  10. Don't forget LMG's have Knifes too.
  11. Don't forget the lmg's have pistols.
  12. And this too.
  13. I will just leave this here.
  14. Says allies are over pop right now.
  15. Closed beta then release in June 2001 First squad i joined was much later on. 23rd armor