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  1. Quick video i put together with samples of the new truck sounds for you to study and learn.
  2. So how would you go about making money in this game with the F2P business model @knucks? And if you say cosmetics in a store like camouflage or weapon sights in a World War 2 simulator that is even more pay to win in my opinion especially in a game where concealment gives you the advantage. The DLC on the steam client is the best you can do for a Cash shop.
  3. This Isnt a proposal just a change to the axis lmg. Its to change all lmg's. lets not forget that. They all can do it.
  4. Iv posted stuff by this guy before he gets all his info from books "which i believe over internet facts" but heres a bunch of good info on MG's just because we are on that subject. Its good info you might learn somthing.
  5. For anyone still wondering why they are getting despawned do to connection here is why. But one thing i will say.. It may help the Euro players if the servers were in New York. I owned a server on a medieval role playing game and I had to move the server to New York to help with those players in Europe... It really helps.
  6. One thing i noticed after coming back to the game is on the allied rifles you can hear the shots echo. But the axis rifles do not. In fact the allied rifles sound different on the axis side. and possibly the other way around?? Either way an audio upgrade is a good idea on all units. But we all know that cost money.
  7. Just a thought to maybe give bombers another soft target to hit. But i was thinking it would be cool to have radar stations that can be bombed to knock radar out in different sectors of the map. Any thoughts? pros cons? I know it would take some coding but maybe we could use a building already in the CRS inventory.
  8. I would be ok with capping England but only if you put the FB's that go across the channel back. Or without fb's.. If the Americans can only be put into the game when axis own the main land and they have to fight the way across in boats.