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  1. ill add you to my friends list, when I see you ingame I can recruit you back in.
  2. pittsburgh is only a 4 hr drive for me. so depending on when & where MAYBE.
  3. You were playing ww2online. They later added the BattlegroundEurope to the title. The game has been changing over the years with new terrain, new game mechanics new toys & it will continue to evolve in the same manner. I've been here non stop since 2001 & like the challenge this game offers. I dont' need quick action with eye candy & all the cheats people use in other games. I much prefer this game that actually MAKES teamwork a necessity in order for either side to win. Winning can be on different levels. how long did I live. did I actually accomplish personal goals. did I capture that flag. did I hold that flag from being captured. Was I able to lead an assault/defense on a town/fb. Was I able to bomb my target accurately. Was I able to keep ea off my wingman. The list can go on & on until one side as a team achieves the goal of winning a campaign be it 3 days or 3 months. I used to be in HC & switched sides 2 yrs ago to fly. I have recently started playing on the ground a bit again to only find that I no longer have the skills I once had playing the ground war. LOL I know when players leave & come back they have to relearn the game as things are constantly changing with each update. So as others have stated, we all doubt BGE 2 will come out in the future as it seems to most of us that were far beyond a 2nd game will all the updates & changes the RATs have made over the years. They just now introduced the Americans & they will more than likely expand on that phase once they get all the bugs worked out on this patch.
  4. When I first did the DL on the installation I got an error message for the auto update. So I quit & tried logging in again but I just got a message that there had been an error on the installation. So I went to the download game & did the DL for the latest update, that worked for me. Hope it works for you as well.
  5. if you NEED a tank grab one from a nearby town & make the drive. if you NEED AA gun find someone to tow you from a nearby town. thats why this game is COMBINED arms. Call for air support on the air/side ch. use equipment spawned at depots to help clear the town from being further camped. Remember that BOTH sides use the SAME tactics & BOTH sides need to work with thier sides comrades to get the job done be it ASSAULT or DEFENSE. Remember this game isnt EASY mode & thats why I personally LOVE It. When I do accomplish something it makes me feel good. When I fail miserably I LOL because its a GAME & I know that one battle itsnt going to end the campaign because tomorrow when I log back in the tides can turn & often do! its up to the playerbase to HAVE FUN.
  6. I have just started playing infantry again recently & too am learning the rules of the ground war since 1.3 came out. I haven't warped with the new rules, but it USED to be & not sure if its the same, when u respawn I dont think you can rechoose the type of inf you selected otherwise you spawn back to the FRU position. Will have to test that ingame & see.
  7. once an AO is placed on a town it takes 10 minutes before you can capture any of the flag buildings AKA CPs (choke points). AB AFAB AFB DOCKS are NOT included at this time. It takes approximately 8 minutes to capture a flag IF only ONE person is capping. The more infantry inside makes the time move faster. Not sure of the specifics or the quickest the timer can go. I would think at least 1 minute since that was the OLD rule. Just guessing on that one. Once a town is contested ANY flag not necessarily the first one captured, but as long as one of the flag is in enemy hands the AB, AFAB, AFB & DOCKS become capturable.
  8. 17.99 month to month plan You have to click the yellow link further down the page that says show all payment options.
  9. glad you got in
  10. Squad requirements: MUST use TS3 and fly a 109 during squad nights. Join us on a Sunday or Tuesday during a squad night & see what you could be part of. WHOOF!!!!
  11. I know its 5 mths away but.......... .. . . . . . .. . . . . .. . .. WHEN and WHERE exactly is the Anzac con gonna be in 2011?!?!?!? I wanna come!
  12. no woodbine you can NOT. I HAVE to be special All other girls can have a PURPLE plane Therefore you can have a purple one
  13. The guys get a plane with thier individual plane number & tag on it. Pretty boring compared to what us girls get, but than again girls don't have boy cooties!
  14. girlS???? You guys better NOT be cheating on me! But hey girls, if you want a PURPLE plane Im sure teetwo will make a sweet sig for you when you join our 109 only squadron. whoof!!!!
  15. Game came out June 6th, 2001 I HOPE they are planning something for the 10 yr anniversary of release! I am only an airplane ride away!