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  1. Interesting. Ice
  2. Hello Lexfire. Long time no see Sir. (Yeah, I know that is off topic.) Until we see a Submarine....
  3. Now that ^^ is awesome filming. Good job.!! I really like the music selection and the way you didn't let it override the sounds in-game plus getting rid of name tags and chat also adds to the realism factor. Terrific good watch. Think I'll watch it again. Your film really captures the heart and soul of the Pearl Harbour Event. Good job shooting too by the way. Ice, Fleet Command
  4. Yeah, I always tell people to not despawn until they sink. A Destroyer can sometimes take a huge amount of punishment and still stay afloat. On the other side of the coin a Destroyer can go down like a rock, like I did. Now a TT cannot take all that many bombs before going down. Yeah, Jammyman told that FW-190 to despawn but not before he got the Fairmile that was multi-crewed by Adam1168/Dasquirrel. Every year we end up with one FW-190 in the mix that isn't supposed to be there. It has happened in all 3 Pearl Harbours. And it isn't the same player so it is just strange. And yes the AA positions on the TT are very good. Some claim the best 20mm AA guns in the game are on the TT. Ice, Fleet Command
  5. Hummm..... Jammyman's final count showed Naval losing 20 Ships out of 50 Ships. Meaning Naval won the Event by "one" Ship as otherwise it would have been declared a "Tie". Once again, Good Job Fleet. Ice, Fleet Command
  6. I'm not open to that. There should be no Fighters in the Pearl Harbour Events. You tried it. It did not work. What we got in the end was Jap Fighters strafing Ships. Something that is not historical. So while the Naval Pilots got murdered on the ground, which is historical, we got something else that was not historical. Permit me to repeat. No Fighters in the Pearl Harbour Events. The Event is about Ships vs Bombers. Not Air vs Air or Fighters vs Ships. Ice, Fleet Command
  7. Were you a Torp Bomber.? Ice, Fleet Command
  8. If you come up with more graphical displays like your "Tora Tora Tora" for Events I certainly have no problem using them in key spots. Icetwp
  9. I hope you're talking Strategy with those 2 items and not somehow trying to make some of the points Event rules. Item 1 (all three points) is entirely up to the Air Commander. Item 2 is entirely up to the Fleet Commander. I'd comment on Item 1 but I'm not in the business of helping out Air Command. Ice, Fleet Command
  10. Evidently the music, or something, is copyrighted because the vid is being blocked by WMG. Ice, Fleet Command
  11. It worked well. I'm not set to call it the "best" possible location. Le Crotoy looks interesting in that you would have a actual enclosed Harbour there. Actually that is a draw. The distance last year from Helle to the Crom island area is very similar in distance from Vliss to Kamperland. The real reason the Setup went faster is because most all of the Naval Players showed up 1 hour early and worked with me as a Team. We had a 3rd wave in PH II as well. Mentioning the "3rd wave for kicks" can easily be done in the rules area of the Event. The placement of ships on the Event Map needs to be reduced in area, agreed. I beg to differ on my placements of Ships in the Event. They were all right about were they were supposed to be, including that Southern Line of DDs. I doubt that line was much further than 500 meters off in placement position either North or South. Please remember that I was restricted to placing Ships were they were laid out on the Event Map (exception being Overflow Fairmiles) and I did not have the authority to move them to a different location in the Event. Actually the positioning of the Ships in the Event went very smoothly for me compared to last year. Everybody worked with me and got to the correct positions. A large reason why it went so well was because pretty much all of the Naval Players showed up 1 hour before Event Start Time, as they were supposed to, which didn't happen last year. I was very pleased with the final result of the Naval positioning. Did you miss what I said to Merc88.? AWS doesn't matter. The Ships have radar. If you think that the Naval Players are not going to see the Stukas coming in or not know what direction they are coming from you're wrong. Asking the Rats to turn off AWS is just a waste of their time. I would agree that the closest Airfield should be used. There was a clear Victory score system announced by Jammyman. However I think we should go back to a "point system" like we had in PH I. That way it is actually possible for the Stukas to win by merely keeping from being shot down while scoring hits on the Ships. That is what made PH I so intense. Both sides cared about dying. There were no Stukas strafing the harbour after dropping their bombs in PH I because dying meant loss of points. The Stukas dropped and bugged out, just like real life. And the Stukas actually came pretty close to winning PH I as a result. Really.? Let me tell you that it is dang hard to anticipate every "detail" that can come up. It is pretty clear to me you have never handled Signups in a Multi-Crew Event. Once you have List 1 filled, of your 2 Lists, then many will want to transfer to the 2nd List. A complete nightmare from a multi-crew signup point of view. A ton of the Players will not even see the new Assignments and that adds to the nightmare. We have that type of issue with one list much less two lists. We need to do just what Jammyman did. Decide how many Ships and mark their positions on a Event Map. How many Ships and how many of each Type is always the Question. In PH I we filled all 30 of the Ships and multi-crewed 27 of them. In PH II we filled all 77 Ships and multi-crewed 55 of those Ships. In PH III we ended up with 46 Ships and 26 of them multi-crewed. Once the Ships on the Event Map are filled the only remaining Option is to grant those that wish to signup a Fairmile much along the lines of Jammyman's Overflow Fairmile concept. Just like with any other Event once it is filled, it is filled. It is silly to think we can simulate 100 Fighters on the ground and then pick and choose which of the alotted 10 get to take off. Personally I don't think there should be any Fighters in the Pearl Harbour Events. Problem solved. However, given that there were Fighters in the Event Jammyman handled it correctly. There will always be Team Players who will get a truck and help others out. I disagree there should be any Bofors in the Event, even if only 2nd wave. I think it is an unfair advantage against the Stukas. Bear in mind there have been Bofors in all 3 Pearl Harbours. Icetwp
  12. We appreciate the film and your right wing. Ice, Fleet Command
  13. That would be correct Mjdixon and thank you for pointing it out. All possible Naval Pilots were all given a warning with the exception of Jamesi. The warning, or something very similar was this following example: There is no cause for complaint. Ice, Fleet Command
  14. Groan...... Now that works for me. I am a touch bias'd though. Ice, Fleet Command
  15. Agreed. (my underline) It is almost standard procedure that there will be several "no shows" to major Events like Pearl Harbour. And crewing up is always difficult as a result. That is why Naval starts 1 hour before the actual Event Start Time. On the flip side one of the advantages of multi-crew is that you only need one guy to show up and the Naval placements then happen as planned. Heck, if there was a way to have an unending battle in a Special Event, where everyone had fun, I'd do it in a heartbeat but I still have not figured out how to do that. From my point of view I think that is the "main server". And it should be noted the real life battle (if you can call it that) at Pearl Harbour didn't last long. We used to shut down the main server and have Special Events that included the entire Playerbase. I personally would like to do that again sometime in the future but they generally include Naval, Air, and Ground, which of course makes the Event type and planning massive. Jammyman, Giggadee, and I are going to go bury ourselves in a hole for a while after the amount of time we put into Pearl Harbour III. We have a year to discuss improvements. So are we. So are we. Icetwp