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  1. IIRC, I think RAFTER said you have to write an code or something to get it to work in these forums, when you reply, you can see below the text window that "HTML is off" and you cant turn it on. Cant remember what code it is again, just ask in OT, and you'll (hopefully) get an answer JrSmoker EDIT: Found the code, its really simple, heh. [youtube ] .
  2. Moved to Community Support Windows, with redirect from Q&A forum.
  3. What soundcard do you have beside the AC97 onboard?
  4. I ment you will get better fps without the onboard sound card, so the other one you have will most likely be better in the performance. And I really dont remember the answer of your problem, I remember there were an big thread about this and I think they managed to find the reasons, but if you wait some hours, more people will log in, and may give you better answer then I do JrSmoker
  5. The only thing I can notice is the onboard sound card, it will get you more fps and even in some cases stop some CTD's. And have you checked your sound card in settings ingame? Make sure it does not stand as "Primary soundcard" in settings. JrSmoker
  6. Technical support you da*n swede
  7. You should ask bloo, as Indo said, and I moved your thread till "Battleground Q&A" forum. JrSmoker
  8. No, its not. You can however try it out for free in 14 days, you can check prizes and special offers here, www.wwiionline.com JrSmoker
  9. Moved to Community Support Windows. And to answer your question, make an account and upload your picture here: www.photobucket.com Then you will get an URL/IMG line/text, copy it and paste it here. something like this http://photobucket.com/JrSmoker/mypicture.jpeg[/img ] <-- Without the last space. JrSmoker **I Think Photobucket has an tutorial as well**
  10. Try to reset your drivers to the 84.xx versions, either "forceware" or "nvidia optimized" - driver. You can find them under "downloads" @ www.guru3d.com . see if that works, and reply here afterwards. JrSmoker
  11. Could you please post your dxdiag? JrSmoker
  12. Please post your dxdiag. JrSmoker