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  1. It is now working. Can't explain what happened.
  2. I downloaded 1.34.9 for Macintosh. When I launch the game the screen goes black and nothing happens. MacBook Pro with OSX 10.9.5. / 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 / 8 GB RAM. I am a long-time Builder, who got rid of my older desktop Mac which used to work. Appreciate any suggestions.
  3. I upgraded my macbook to OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks and now WWIIOL will not run. I tried a fresh re-install. No go. Any thoughts? - Chris
  4. I was away from the game since January. Came back on, downloaded two patches, and then ran into a weird problem. If I use a rifle, normally the mouse wheel changes the range settings. However, the minute I click it down one or up one, it is stuck in change mode and starts cycling uncontrollably through all the range settings. I can't stop it. Even if I switch to another weapon and then come back, the uncontrollable range cycle picks up where it left off. I have switched mice (different manufacturers), same problem. The mouse wheel does not misbehave in other applications. System: iMac OSX, Logitech or Microsoft wireless mice. Any thoughts?