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  1. is this where there's pie? I was told there'd be pie. I haven't found any pie.
  2. I load the game, I play a mission, I die, and I get the Mission Results Pending bug. Only fix = restart of the game and/or computer. Makes playing entirely unbearable.
  3. hehe, your ESC screen was in German. that threw me off.
  4. Can't seem to turn them on.
  5. After staying at the top of the hill, we finally got to the point to cut south into Hastings. Now came the tricky part - avoiding AI. There came a time when a run through an open field was required. Now, I had a feeling that most everybody had gotten bored defending England from nothing and despawned (nobody had fired a shot yet). Time for the sprint! I make it! Everyone else is staying back and just now coming up as instructed. OH NO! A bren gun! Brrrap I'm dead from the AI tower in the AB that I couldn't and never even did see. I hung my head in shame, and McDeath took over for group2. We also had 1 more soldier injured, but becuase everyone else had stayed back they knew to avoid me. McDeath and Trueflow then lead the way. I was cussing myself as I was staring at the map screen, very upset that AI got me. How silly of me. I was going to join another flight over when I saw it on the target channel. "got it" We have captured a facility in Hastings. OH WOOT! MISSIONS UP! DO IT! MCDEATH GOT THE CAP! At this point it was a fight against an impossible enemy. Every British soldier with any pride (which they have plenty of) was going to spawn in and crush us. Lets not make it easy! A fierce fight broke out, and my first attempt to swim to the docks and try and rout the British was instantly repulsed. Tanks started rolling in and all hell was breaking loose. Things were very hot. But we held on. We gripped and dug and fought and guarded. I saw Axis soldiers running through open fields of fire trying to sap camping tanks, and other very honorable soldiers covering each other as best as they can. Then a different kind of fire starting blasting the spawnable, and I saw what it was and realized things weren't going to be pretty. Now it was bad with many tanks covering every approach imaginable. After holding out as best we could we could no longer keep a guard in the CP, there was no safety from all the enemies. Someone managed to break out N and cap another CP. Bet the Teamen didn't like that. I managed to escape with an LMG to a building across the way. I realized I could see down into the cap area! The LMG made too much noise and too much flashing and was far too inaccurate at this distance to do anything, but I could surely see a British head lying flat under the table. No grenades, no rifle, what to do? LUGER TIME! I killed 6 ei that were either recapping or trying to clear out mikeluv who had managed to get into the CP and guard it. Soon enough I was dead. The spawnable was recapped, and Britain kept their island. However, this was the most fun I've had in awhile. Could not have been done without the TROOPS that were with us. They followed orders, co-operated, communicated, and really made it a blast. The teamwork was legendary. Becuase of that, I want to list the soldats that were with me. I don't think I left anyone out, but if I did I apologize, I took this list after my death. *=special notice PILOTS: alpnkorp (GREAT LANDING) zaldimar conqueri SOLDIERS: leaderon* - great job of leading Group 1 mcdeath* - capped the frigign' spawnable! he wasn't the first there, but he did it! trueflow* - wonderful "sgt". always helping me out and keeping everybody in line corathss* - very active, really helpful. czack* - I give him much credit in the reason we got the cap. excellent job. strangel* - mission leader. helpful with attack points and .orders. sabot06 seryal koopman lele2 hemisal sixpence dover zombie73 diamond1* - green tag who lasted longer than I did! Like I said, these guys made it a BLAST! Really felt like a military operation, no complaining, nobody getting up and running ahead, always following orders... so much fun.
  6. We had been jogging for maybe 10 minutes when a suprise came. Snorri! That's right, the master MS driver/2nd account of Dolittle showed up in - you guessed it - a 251c. Relief ensued, as he met us and we piled on. After driving as far as possible we ran into some EA. We unloaded from Snorri as he hid, and eventually Snorri drove down the road and was tekn out. The EWS had been set off because two Tiger tanks were in the area taking down AI. They were destroyed by enemy tanks and enemy infantry, so that was the end of that. Now it was time to hide and move slow. Constant tank engines were heard, and EA kept on buzzing frighteningly low to our positions. Now things were getting hairy as there was constant air pressure. It was decided that we would split up: half would follow leaderon and stay on the road (Group 1) and half would follow me and go N of town and try to flank (Group 2). We started a patient and skillful path to the north, constantly taking cover from low EA. Czack did an excellent job as a point man, utilizing all cover that was available and always alert. Without him we would've never gone N, it was his idea. Group 1 continued down the road in the bushline. We hooked north and unfortunately lost Czack to a CTD. I took the point and we started hooking our way around, when a very loud tank engine started coming right at us from two directions. We stayed in 2 bushes (about 10 of us, 5 in each bush, a wonderful target for a grenade). Eventually something had to be done, so I got up and jogged towards the engine noise and the safety of a bush while everyone else stayed put. I saw the Vickers! He had his commander out so I knew he was scanning and listening. I laid in the bush, and eventually I got back up and looked to see where he was when I saw it - AHC rifle coming towards me! I took instant cover and hoped he didn't see me in the bush. Tense moments went past as the Vickers sat still north west of me and north of Group 2. Then I heard footsteps coming from the bushline 10 meters to my north. The British officer! My heart started racing as I prepared to have to defend myself. I backed away and hoped nothing would come of it, and then I lost view of him. The Vickers fired up 5 minutes later and drove south towards us. TOWARDS ME! It kept getting closer and closer and I could hear the squealing of his tracks. I was ready to get up and run, terrified that he was going to run me over without knowing it. The engine noised reached a peak and I noticed it was to my right - on the other side of a berm! I finally let my breath out and after a moment the vickers despawned. A quick check, and the ei was gone too. Time to advance!
  7. *I posted this on the Barracks when it first happened, thought I'd do a repost in the appropriate forum* The call came out from Alpnkorp to go bust up England and try to steal a city to spite the British. After some slight delays at the Abbeville airfield (from which our parked JU came under tank fire) we finally made the call to lift off. Alpnkorp was piloting a JU with about 20 troops on it, while Zaldimar had another with only 1 or 2 guys. Conqueri was giving us 109 support (I believe he was the only one, couldn't see out the windows too well ya know ). After a quiet ride Alpnkorp made a wonderful, textbook glider landing with engines off from high alt. I was highly impressed. Then the troops streamed out following Leaderon. It was a 5-6k jog into town.
  8. That's really cool. I wonder if they have that book translated?