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  1. Mossies been ingame for years...... you not seen them?
  2. Thanks soul S!
  3. The allies Premiere CAS squad. We fly low altitude and level bomb runs as a squad to support our sides P1 attacks and defense orders. Always a team we fly blenheim4 so our lower ranks can gain experience and points, we excel flying Havoc/Db7. As a ground squad we use voice comms and developed tactics to be an effective virtual fighting force. To join 75 visit www.75squadron.net and post your interest in our open recruitment forum. Visit us in game we have many recruitment officers on in all time zones. Blue skies S!
  4. Wewt great recruitment so far!! no previous experience nessesary we will train you to fly aslong as you have a joy stick and patience. S!
  5. The RAFs premier Squad is looking for new pilots, we train hard and fight hard! join us today !
  6. RAF fighters, will need 4 spaces for my squad if possible.
  7. Chat works intermitantly, its only started performing like this tonight its been ok during the last few days.
  8. :cool:Great work!!
  9. Thanks From all of 75 Squadron to the non squad members for their bumbps and especially from the axis! Cheers lets make it a better virtual world (cheese).
  10. Contact us in this thread or ingame.
  11. Any rank any skill, we can and will train you
  12. BUMP
  13. RAF FTW
  14. Join 2day recive free 75 sqdn tooth brush
  15. up*