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  1. Seems to work okay in a forced window mode (at least the beta version I tested with). You can also make some rather large windows, even larger than your physical monitor resolution, although you can't see the offscreen part you can take screen shots for viewing later... http://www.zen50026.zen.co.uk/temp/SShot75.jpg http://www.zen50026.zen.co.uk/temp/SShot79.jpg
  2. I had an Epox 8RDA+ until I spotted this... There was about twelve bad capacitors on this board. Needless to say, I replaced it rather quickly with an Abit AN7 - I would have got another Epox but as they weren't willing to replace it as it was (only-just) out of warranty they now lose any further business of mine. If you have an Epox 8RDA+ please check your capacitors before one blows and puts a hole through your arm or leg not to mention trashing the rest of your system. Anyways... now I want an FX-55.
  3. I agree with swifty - that XP 1900 is your main problem at the moment.