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  1. Idea taken from this thread and given it's own, because I'm important like that. Realistic infantry suppression can actually be done with simple math and a "Courage" bar added to the player, right under the health and stamina bars. Every second it goes up 1 point. Every time a bullet or explosion lands withing a certain distance it drops several points. For example a single bullet could have a suppression value of three, which decreases by one for every meter between it's landing point and the infantryman in question (so past 3m it has no effect). A grenade explosion could have a value of 30, dropping quickly over range at a rate of 2 points per meter, so no effect past 15m. A frikkin' 500kg bomb would have a value of maybe 300 or more, but fall off faster at a rate of five points per meter (so no effect past 60m range). The Courage Bar™ would have three thresholds, with each forcing the infantryman to drop down farther due to suppression. Standing would require 80%+ courage. At >80% the player is forced to Crouch. At >50% they are forced Prone. Below 20% they are completely Suppressed and curl up into a fetal position, unable to move to return fire. So how does this place out? Just like in real life, or at least the movies. One bullet whizzing past might make you flinch, but a SMG spray nearby would definitely make you duck. A bomb going off, even on the other side of a wall, would make you hit the dirt. And having some psycho hosing down your position with machine gun fire is going to completely ruin your game plan no matter what. Of course, as first mentioned, the bar does recover over time (and fairly quickly) so it's not like it's a permanent condition. Simple, neat, and effective. XOOM, print this out and magnet it to your refrigerator. Note: This is also one of the few places where friendly fire might be allowed, at least for explosives such as bombs, mortars and (some day) artillery, in that while they might not kill friendlies (true FF) the courage loss could still happen (indirect FF). "But if a 500kg bomb lands right on me I'd be forced into suppression for 5 minutes!" Buddy, if a 500kg bomb lands right on you suppression won't be an issue, trust me. Anything that could lock you down for any real length of time will have either already killed you or be just as locked down himself trying to keep his machineguns fed. Yeah, if you try to rush five tanks and they all open up at once you're probably going to be wetting your pants in that berm for a while - and you deserve no less. No, you can't just snipe that ATG after it dropped a 50mmHE round directly behind you even if the RNG gods spared you from an instant shrapnel death. Six guys chucking grenades into a bunker all at once will be an effective tactic even if they survive the blasts. An He111 dropping death nuggets from on high is cause for panic. A LMG actually would be a support weapon and not just a crutch for people with bad aim. So many improvements, one simple mechanic.
  2. When you factor in the absurd accuracy that simple mouse-aim gives people even cover is mostly meaningless. Simply put, the life of an infantryman in the game usually ends as soon as an enemy spots him. Is he prone in a berm? Dead. In a window? Dead. Behind sandbags? Dead. Hiding behind a crate? Dead. Victory doesn't go to the most patient, the most clever or the most skilled. It goes to whoever runs faster, lags more and is quicker on the trigger. Only speed matters - a high ROF and a higher PING to kill them before you've even rendered. Move the battles into the countryside and make cover meaningful then perhaps riflemen will see more action. But as it stands right now, if you're standing within the city limits with a bolt-action rifle then you're doing it wrong.
  3. This game is only 32bits, so anything more than 1CPU and 4gb of RAM is a wasted effort.
  4. The information you need is here , but be sure to ignore this part, as none of it really applies in game.
  5. That video is older than half the people playing this game.
  6. IL2 has them, why don't you? it would be nice if people could properly do dive/low-altitude bombing without risking blowing themselves up in the process.
  7. There, much easier to understand.
  8. C'mon, it's barely been ten years! Changing a single line of code takes a while, man! Also, buy more hero accounts. Because reasons.
  9. Despite how they're actually used, armored cars are supposed to be recon vehicles. Even if they, themselves, don't have large guns they could still use range finders so as to allow their users to place more accurate map markers for others. That is all.
  10. Forward into the past!
  11. Would require STO shells. Not gonna happen.
  13. Supply raids. Overpop side needs more supplies, right? Make big, easy to spot crates appear around the overpop side's active (AO) FBs that can be killed by HE effects of all kinds and each crate destroyed costs them something from their supply pool. The more the imbalance, the more crates appear. Random number example: Side balance is 2 vs 1, five big crates appear. Someone flies by and blows one up with a bomb. Attacker loses 25 SMGs. Crate respawns in 10 minutes or so. Another crate my be worth a couple of tanks. Pop balance climbs to 3 vs 1, now it's ten crates. Good luck guarding them all at once. Defenders can then do air raids against their FBs that can do damage even if they're defended, and if the attacker still leaves them undefended despite having overpop (and let's admit it, they often will) then it just becomes that much more damage the defenders can do when they go to blow it up. The idea is that the overpop side will have to divert more & more manpower to defense, even when on the attack (especially when on the attack, actually). Thus the number of attackers in town gets reduced to be more locally balanced overall.
  14. Thing is almost any plane can be spawned in and zoomed into the sky without even needing a runway at all, even the bombers. The He111 is the only plane that even experienced pilots really must take a proper runway to get off the ground. Fix that little bit of silliness and people will be begging for larger airfields.
  15. Wait until you discover what a "book" is.