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  1. I tried HC. I spent more time trying to figure things out than playing the game and having fun. The strategy part of the game needs HC. I give them credit for doing it.
  2. Why not allow anyone to move brigades on the training server? This would allow people to learn to move brigades and maybe lead to more HC applications
  3. Seeming posting in the training forum has got me nowhere, I figure I would try here. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MOVE BRIGADES TO THE PRACTICE ISLAND SO WE CAN PRACTICE AND TRAIN NEW PEOPLE ON THE TRAINING SERVER? For the love of God
  4. Here we are, stuck at the channel. Is it time we made fb's across the channel? Could this be done?
  5. How you do this?
  6. Look, this is about an air game that is out of whack balance wise. It's all a matter if we can be honest with ourselves. As an axis pilot, I would like to have the luxury of screaming in and out of an ab with a bomber. The speed of the allied bombers makes them hard to hit. I asked for performance of the aircraft in the game. I was given a chart. What I saw was the allies have the best performing plane at high altitude (p38), the best at low alt (spit v), and the best climb rate (spit IX). Wherever the axis planes fly, the allies can choose their ride from three different countries. When we hit steam, if population grows as they think, it's going to be airquake all over again. I don't want to suffer the US prime time airquake crap we did years ago. Constantly being bombed on spawn in. It's a crappy game experience and it drove me away from the game. At least let bofors spawn at depots to give air defense half a chance. Or take the flop away from one of the axis planes so noobs and weekend warriors can yank the stick like allies do instead of trying to turn fight and flop to the ground. No one wants to spend hours and hours having to learn to fly a plane when they can just jump to easy mode and yank a stick. Kudos to Mingus and Vader. Honestly, without them I wonder if there would be a LW.
  7. I do not like ai much either. What I might suggest is putting four mg pits 100 meters outside of the town north south east and west facing the town. Low pop times really need something to at least get in the way. One thing that is needed imo is AI bofors in EVERY ab. Allied supersonic bombers are getting rediculous and ruin the game experience. Or at least allow bofors to spawn at depots
  8. LOLOL!!! go to 6:37 he screams like a, lmao!! that was hysterical!!!!
  9. Maybe it's the arcade flight model of the allies, or maybe it's just because the air war was so popular with Allies.....we love our airplanes and they represented what won ww2. Shoot, if they brought the p47 or corsair, I would want to fly them too. But the fact of the matter is even when axis is overpop, there are still twice as many allied pilots on. It's always two on one, and it makes for a bad experience on the axis side. What I see happening is if we can advertise the game and bring more people, the more the air game is going to be out of whack. The question is, what can be done to attract more pilots to the LW?
  10. I agree with this. I have tried other sims, it gets boring real quick. You could say the same for the ground game. I have tried every first person out there. A bunch of people spawn in, kill each other, repeat over and over....boring. What has impressed me lately is the air war changing targets as HC switches objectives. We were in a battle for schilde the other night and allied air was all over. We(LW) came in (me not being a good pilot) and did what we could. And even though we were outnumbered, we managed to keep the enemy bombers from coming in at will. Thank God for Mingus and Vader, without them there probably wouldn't be a LW. We need pilots! I am looking for some flight sim forums to post in. Can't beat free right?
  11. hmm, I am surprised we have not had an influx of flight sim guys
  12. Are free accounts allowed to fly low tier planes?
  13. Just to be sure, you said scaling, there is a scaling and a size tab. Did you click on the size tab and do as I suggested?