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  1. Do you think a better tutorial vids would help? One problem I've noticed is the newer players aren't adjusted to a large perpetual map (hence the wandering). Most other games drop you into the middle of a battle. Communication is definitely the key, but HOW to communicate is the hurtle?
  2. If the "squad missions" were not available to players, then yes they would be considered private.
  3. I believe CRS was very clear on the subject, private missions are not being considered at this time. Time to tone it down a notch in here.
  4. Click on the following poll post if you're interested! 2nd Annual Cali-Con 2018 will be held in Modesto, CA on the last Saturday in January (January 27th). I'm split on two venues, depends on attendance, so please chime in! All are welcome (ages 21 and up) for beer, fun, and prizes! First venue of interest is P. Wexfords Pub - an AWESOME (small) Irish pub with a full bar (25 beers on tap!), Food is out of this World! Second, is a large venue (35 people minimum) at Brenden Theatres. They have food and beer as well, HOWEVER, i can set up WWII Online on THE BIG SCREEN!!!! Join up for this social event! No cover charge (I provide the venue), just pay for your own drinks/food.
  5. 2nd Annual Cali-Con 2018 will be held in Modesto, CA on the last Saturday in January (January 27th).
  6. Welcome back @miracleboy ! Fill out a support ticket here, I'm sure the powers to be can dig something up.
  7. LMAO Welcome to the forums @ryman89
  8. Soon (tm)
  9. The whole thing is funny! "For Uncle Sam, for my buddy CO, for the town of JoJo!" My favorite spots: 2:13 "I may not know much German, but...." 3:17 "Player CO..." 14:30 "Are these Sheep..." @dinker Welcome back?
  10. I can't recall the exact time duration (couple hours?), but it's my understanding that the timer re-sets when players walk near them. There's a thread about it somewhere.
  11. I personally have issues with liquids near/in electronics. I'm sure they are safe, and the reviews are awesome, I just don't trust the gaskets and didn't want to worry about it. The large case with all the fans works quite well.
  12. I know... needed to replace my old one quick , and it's a tax write off for my business. The case has 7 fans with plenty of room for expansion. here's a pic next to a 42" monitor as I was getting it set up
  13. @skyhawk7 I purchased a custom build from cyberpowerpc earlier this year. Yeah, I could have saved money building it on my own but I didn't have the time. I "needed" this for my business using AutoCAD and personal use with Adobe After Effects. I paid over $1,700.00 but I love it. Since the purchase, I upgraded the ram from 16 to 32 gigs (needed for After Effects). The screenie below is offline mode - best performance setting hitting near 800 fps. I play with every feature turned on and hold at 60 fps (+/- 3 fps) no matter how big the battle/players (you'd think it would be higher right?). No overclocking, just straight out of the box it came in. I did order it without the OS... didn't want all the added software BS on a new build. As previously mentioned, CPU and RAM is the key for this game. I play on my laptop (chip-set video) and it has an i5 with 12 gigs ram with no issues - balanced setting.
  14. @OldZekeIf your 2nd account logs in through Steam will it still work? Just curious, as I know the question will come up.