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  1. WBS = Welcome Back Soldier Activates previous accounts so veterans of the game can play for a limited time.
  2. That was my original intent, but the files aren't compatible.
  3. I'm surprised it took this long as well I made this with Adobe Premier Pro & After Effects CC 2018. All the 3D models were purchased by me (a few years ago), not the best quality, and definitely not designed for game engines. Our 3D models (game models) would have to be re-skinned in After Effects. The premise of the scene - creating a fun hobby/briefing room environment. XOOM pre-recorded his narrative via green screen while I set up the scene in After Effects... Added the Power Point presentation, video clips, and tweek 3D camera movement a bit and PRESTO! It was a long few weeks, but I had a blast putting it all together. *Fun note* It took 6 hours to render the final video
  4. I'd love to see your list. There is OVER 33,000 posts in the GM forums alone ( 8k more posts than the General Discussion forum which is available to everyone). PM @HICKSEY or @CHIMM your list. I guarantee it will be checked, but understand you won't be aware of the findings.
  5. 15 minutes for a new player to try the other side is an eternity, let alone a hour
  6. You'd be amazed who was given a "second chance". Most learn their lesson - some don't
  7. Exactly. The timer basically keeps the honest people honest. The GM team have several tools at their disposal, YOUR .reports aid the process.
  8. To be more specific to your question use: .own (with a forward base or FB highlighted) will show the FB damage percentage $here (while standing in a capture-able building) will display the capture status
  9. All the commands can be seen in game at any time. Open up the map, and click on the "manuals" tab There is a new command from this last patch- the .join or .j feature. To join a friend's mission (or anyone's mission for that matter) type the .j (player's name) and you will go directly into that player's mission. Example: .join chimm .j chimm
  10. The GM Team is amazing! HUGE props to all of you, truly a thankless job.
  11. It's on the books, kinda waiting on a patch to get the most current footage.
  12. Video posted here in the General forums now.
  13. For those who missed it, here is the Facebook link. Thanks to all who attended Salute!