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  1. Here's a mocked up version... rendering a clean version (just map) tomorrow.
  2. I have stepped in several times (Allied and Axis), but I have been in HC previously. Many RATs have never played in or trained on HC tools though. Could be a disaster if fallbacks are screwed up just from a "basic" move and the opposite side catches it. GM's don't have HC tools.
  3. Not in it's current state. I used @chaoswzkd method, and holy cow it took hours to gather the screen shots (took screens every 2 hours), the video took 5 minutes to make lmao.
  4. The webmap only went back to day 7 (guessing it starts dropping info off after 1300 hours or so... 54 days). I might speed this up a tad, but got the brigade movements and the town names are legible. Rough draft obviously
  5. Congratz @zep34and @impact
  6. Facebook Live Stream Video
  7. I have several devises the game views as "joysticks". Default goes to "joystick 1". Double click on the Primary Keymap item, then move the joystick controls for that particular setting.
  8. AND... Who remembers this?
  9. Thank you EVERYONE for 17 amazing years! Salute!
  10. Servers were reset to fix the reports. If you are still experiencing issues, please use the .bug feature
  11. @odonovan1 Maybe you haven't played in a few weeks? Announcements started a few weeks ago... System announcements for the event has been constant Community report announced the event As far as outside gaming sites... And we got a mention in another games review We had a Reddit post that went nuts on Memorial Day weekend that resulted in a MANY (can't divulge #'s) sign-ups, and tons of traffic to our website. Specials are up or will be soon! The Marketing team has done a tremendous job, but it only starts here! Salute!
  12. sent a message up the food chain @Rustylk
  13. Amen! I can't divulge any details, but it's impressive watching the GM's work! And as BLKHWK8 said, every report is looked into.