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  1. @choad The RAT Chat will be live streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch channels. Facebook and YouTube saves the stream on the channels automatically.
  2. yes @Mosizlak
  3. Welcome back gator
  4. @texasjayIf you haven't got it yet, get a ticket in
  5. CRS - Marketing Team is recruiting volunteers! The Marketing Team is a group of individuals who volunteer to create awareness, promote, and broadcast updates/media about WWII Online. Our primary goal is to create and maintain a public presence about WWII Online through our organic and external sites. Our team does not expect a full time commitment. We are looking for technical/nontechnical individuals who can consistently dedicate a few hours a week to help with our marketing efforts. Personal responsibilities and commitments always come first; however, we expect individuals to follow through with the tasks they have taken on. Programs/software is not provided by CRS. Basic Requirements: • Be an active player (Any Sub is ok long as active including Free to Play) • Have a working knowledge of the game • Attend weekly team meetings (Sunday afternoon) • Attend weekly CRS meetings (Tuesday evenings) • Actively communicate in private CRS team channels Roles within the Marketing Team: • Combat Photographer • Database Contributor • Graphics Artist • Reporter/Journalist • SEO Specialist • Social Media Manager • War Correspondent • Streaming Partner Through our collaborative efforts, WWII Online is seen by hundreds of thousands of gamers across the world. This is your chance to make a difference! Contact us at for information.
  6. Ahhh, Boston - going back a few years
  8. Now get your tails in game and teach these kids a lesson! LMAO
  9. everyone!!!!
  10. The Battle for “Notre Dame de Verdun” Squad VS Squad Event Aug 19th 1:00 pm US Central time (13:00 server time) Squads & Players Respond below if interested in joining, or contact HEAVY265 This event will also be live streamed with a delay. We reserve the right to change the details at any time. This will be a multi squad and player based event on the training server. There will be a Ground group and a Para group. The event will run up to 1.5 hours. Paras will be deployed once one side reaches 50% in supply or at the 45 minute mark. Trucks are allowed to place Fms for second wave inf only. All of the 1st wave must be driven to the fight. During this event there will only be enough supply to support 40 units total, with 20 max for ground units and 20 max for para units. Victory conditions: when one side is completely eliminated and/or whichever side has the most players in the Abby at the end of the 1.5 hours. Allied Squads Allied objective is to take the Notre Dame Abby in Verdun and hold the hill. Allied Starting Position: Consenvoye FB Allied units British Brigade: Ground units: 20 per wave 3- Rifleman Enfield No4. Mk1 3-Rifleman M1 Garand 2-Smg Sten MK. 11 2-Smg Thompson 2-Mortarman 2-Engineer 2-Sniper 2-Lmg Bren 2-Truck Total Allied ground Equipment: 40 units 6-Rifleman Enfield No4. Mk1 6-Rifleman M1 Garand 4-Smg Sten MK. 11 4-Smg Thompson 4-Mortarman 4-Engineer 4-Sniper 4-Lmg Bren 4-Bedford Truck Allied Paras: Same objective Allied Para starting point: Montfaucon AF 20-Allied para units: 10-Rifleman 2-Sniper 2-Lmg Bren Mk11 5-Smg Thompson 1-C47 Axis Squads Axis objective to take the Notre Dame Abby in Verdun and hold the hill. Axis starting position: Fresnes FB Axis Units: Axis Brigade Ground Units: 20 per wave: 3-Rifleman Karabiner 98k 3-Rifleman Gewehr 43(W) 2-Smg 40 2-Smg 34 2-Mortarman Granatwerfer 36 2-Engineer Karabiner 98k 2-Sniper Karabiner 98k 2-LMG MG 34 2-Opel Truck Total Axis ground Equipment: 40 units 6-Rifleman Karabiner 98k 6-Rifleman Gewehr 43(W) 4-Smg 40 4-Smg 34 4-Mortarman Granatwerfer 36 4-Engineer Karabiner 98k 4-Sniper Karabiner 98k 4-LMG MG 34 4-Truck Axis Paras: Same objective Axis Paras starting point: Etain AF 20-Axis para units: 10-Rifleman Karabiner 98k 2-Sniper 1-Fg42 1-Lmg MG 34 5-SMG Mp 40 1-Ju 52 Overview Recon Map Axis Recon Map Allied Recon Map
  11. Might be worth a support ticket to get a verdict.
  12. @tkilroy Windows 10 - F9 takes a screen shot, stored in \Users\Documents\Battleground Europe
  13. Welcome back @reefmon @tkilroy !