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  1. Game server will come down October 31st, at 9 pm US Central time for the CPU fix. We are anticipating a 1 hour downtime. The CPU fix will improve the auto-despawns, death lag, and overall game performance (read last Friday's report link). Here is the release notes of what's included: This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release. Bug Fixes - A problem that was causing high CPU usage on the server was fixed - Lighting has been adjusted to fix the black smoke that would happen at Dawn and at Dusk - Some error logging was fixed Adjusted Content - Multiple areas of the networking code was redone - The Ammo Cache, Sandbags, Gun emplacement and Foxhole PPOs were adjusted - The Credits have been updated to reflect recent changes in the CRS team New Content - James "beck395" Beck has been added to Fallen Soldier Memorial
  2. Game is mostly CPU, and ram. I can play on my laptop with chipset video. *Make sure* you play on ethernet, not wifi
  3. From a third eye view, it seemed there were many organized efforts on both sides. Ryman and Mitch did an excellent job coordinating their efforts with their teams! I'm looking forward to the revenge match hehe.
  4. This is the goal. The Steam platform is designed for micro transactions with minimal code, where organically it's extremely laborious. We will be offering the DLC's organically.
  5. If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! On October 14th Ryman8989 will be fighting against Mitchsw on our live streams! Start time is 11AM server time, show up a little bit early to get organized. Our goal is to have an organized force on Discord working together as a cohesive team. All access will be open for all free players for the this event and we hope to encourage you and many others to show up in full force. Axis signup page Allied signup page Join them in the WWII Online Discord chat for comms! WWII Online Discord links
  6. @viper69try switching the deploy "key map" in the settings?
  7. @choad The RAT Chat will be live streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch channels. Facebook and YouTube saves the stream on the channels automatically.
  8. yes @Mosizlak
  9. Welcome back gator
  10. @texasjayIf you haven't got it yet, get a ticket in
  11. CRS - Marketing Team is recruiting volunteers! The Marketing Team is a group of individuals who volunteer to create awareness, promote, and broadcast updates/media about WWII Online. Our primary goal is to create and maintain a public presence about WWII Online through our organic and external sites. Our team does not expect a full time commitment. We are looking for technical/nontechnical individuals who can consistently dedicate a few hours a week to help with our marketing efforts. Personal responsibilities and commitments always come first; however, we expect individuals to follow through with the tasks they have taken on. Programs/software is not provided by CRS. Basic Requirements: • Be an active player (Any Sub is ok long as active including Free to Play) • Have a working knowledge of the game • Attend weekly team meetings (Sunday afternoon) • Attend weekly CRS meetings (Tuesday evenings) • Actively communicate in private CRS team channels Roles within the Marketing Team: • Combat Photographer • Database Contributor • Graphics Artist • Reporter/Journalist • SEO Specialist • Social Media Manager • War Correspondent • Streaming Partner Through our collaborative efforts, WWII Online is seen by hundreds of thousands of gamers across the world. This is your chance to make a difference! Contact us at for information.
  12. Ahhh, Boston - going back a few years