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  1. Open Beta will begin this Sunday! This is the first iteration of Hybrid Supply. The map will be set to "Intermission" mode with unlimited supply so everyone can get a feel for the changes. Game servers will be down for several hours during this process, and we recommend players to uninstall their current game and download the latest version (version 1.36.0) when it is available. High Command Teams have spent the week with SCKING and the Quality Assurance Team for a more in-depth training, the following article is tailored for the majority of our players and what you can expect this Sunday. Read the article here!
  2. There were RL schedule conflicts that prevented alternate streaming perspectives. Rustylk did stream it on his page....
  3. @wirelad you should be fixed now.
  4. Keep up the good fight @DOC! Thanks for the update
  5. Featured Squad of the week!
  6. TOTAL understatement It's refreshing to hear comments as this (I'm 99.9% sure I speak for ALL the CRS team). The biggest motivator for me personally is our great community and our long history together... THAT's the juice. Thank you for the post @Capco it goes a long way Merry Christmas to ALL ~CHIMM~
  7. Xmas Patch coming!!! 9pm Server time (US Central)Call up the squads! SALUTE
  8. Days 10 and 11 of WWII Online Day 10 sports the Panzer III N with it's 75mm KwK37 L24 main gun! This tank is a beast... even Santa caught the elves looking up the tanks skirt (hehe)! Day 11 is the Firefly! Absolutely one of the more iconic tanks during WWII. The name "Firefly" was never an official name for the tank, but was adopted due to the bright muzzle flash of the 17lb gun.
  9. Day 7 of WWII Online A22 Churchill MK VIII CS Featuring the QF 95mm Howitzer with HE, HEAT, and SMOKE rounds
  10. You could always pause the video then move the slider.
  11. hehe @zbus
  12. Campaign 154 was a truce...