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  1. Today we gathered on the training server to set up a mock-battle - the video footage that was collective will be used for a new WWII Online video! A BIG thank you to all that showed, and a special thanks to the squad CO's for coordinating!
  2. @bloodfangs Assuming non-apple product - right click on your desktop, click on "display settings", then check the "change the size of text, app..." slider to 100%.
  3. press the F2 button (when you have spawned in a mission) and ask for help. tough game to learn on the fly.
  4. Nice shots! Glad I don't fly hehe
  5. LOL Yeah, I saw the spit right behind ya in the mini map as I died. I was despawning to grab an AA gun to boot! Nice bombing! *grumbles under breath*
  6. What granit suggested.
  7. @major0noob ooh that got under my skin! lol GJ sir
  8. We invite you to join CRS for a RAT Chat, Saturday, February 4 at 4PM Server Time (UTC -6) on the WWII Online Allied Teamspeak3 Server. We are excited to talk to you about our fundraising campaign (, our Development Roadmap for 2017 (, the new vehicle sets that are being planned for the game, and anything else you'd like to talk about! Date: February 4 Time: 4pm Server Time (UTC-6) Where: Allied TS3 ( | no password) Look forward to seeing you there
  9. depends on what plan you chose. the $17.99 is just month to month (no year obligation), and the $14.99 locks the price for a year (year obligation) pick the plan that suits you
  10. I had both Axis and Allied badges, but only Allied forces were represented on this day. I can't express how great of a night we had! We were slated to end at 5pm, but we finally rolled out around 9. What a humbling experience talking about the game and its progression from a "day 1" players perspective. Damill Keep your eyes peeled for 2018 Cali-Con!!!