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      WWIIOL NEEDS YOUR HELP   01/19/2017

      Fundraiser 2017 - WWII Online World War II Online has a VERY big year ahead, with an impressive Development Roadmap outlined, and the big release of our game onto the #1 online games distribution portal, "Steam".

      We have started a funding campaign and need YOUR help to achieve these important mission objectives!   Here is a quick overview of what your contribution(s) will be going towards: Project Management software to bolster production and organization. New hardware to prepare for launching on Steam and improving existing services long-term. Supporting our 2017 Development Roadmap objectives. Please support us by going to this link. Several perks for larger donations are shown below:     As always, your continued support is much appreciated. The greatest thing about this game is and always will be the community.   Note: If you want to donate $25 or more, make sure you click on a perk to obtain the items included in it. If you forget to select a perk, send an email to http://support.playnet.com to still get your items.


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  1. Nice @piska250 That's Awesome!
  2. Our WWII Online community (to me) has always been more "family" than the Axis/Allied rivalry, when a community member leaves it always weighs heavy on my heart. Comforting prayers to Hastien and surviving family. @BIERBAER @leanderj - AHC would like to know if we can help facilitate this event in ANY way. Please contact me, @garuda01, or @carbone. I'd suggest posting an "event post" so this information won't get lost in the shuffle.
  3. Hc

    @oxford09 a paid subscription IS required (any subscription level) as monsjoex stated, F2P accounts are not eligible. Both AHC and OKW are always looking for new and returning members.
  4. Be there!
  5. @captcrayon I TOTALLY agree! A lot of players do remember those BIG battles (I do). As I only play Allied, I need video's from both sides (...and I don't wish to showcase "MY" video's exclusively). As I previously mentioned, I could ask CRS for some footage (buzzard view might be cool though), but I think it's be better to have an un-biased POV to portrait - actual game play.
  6. Just a few weeks away!
  7. @maxiosboth. Originally, I was going to reach out to players who have posted videos and ask permission for their use in future promotional stuff, then I had this Idea to showcase the players in forums/Facebook/website. Yeah, I could have asked CRS for their personal videos, but I thought it would be cool to involve our community.
  8. Anyone else want to chime in on this?
  9. @ltibbs
  10. I jumped on-board a few days ago... ideas are being tossed around
  11. Sounds like your resolution is off? Check in the "settings" tab in your Cornered Rat Software file (in programs), and match the resolution to your screen's resolution. That's the extent of my advise.
  12. Looking to see if there's enough interest to pursue this. I am new to CRS working with their video media, and my thought (in the works) is to have one Axis & Allied video as "semi-finalists", post them on the WWII BE Facebook page, then let the Facebook friends vote the winner! There is talks of some type of award (nothing set in stone, may depend on your interest). PLEASE vote so I can see if this would work
  13. Well said @BADGER ! @OHM
  14. @Kilemall think the higher ups are checking it.