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  1. Featured Squad of the week!
  2. TOTAL understatement It's refreshing to hear comments as this (I'm 99.9% sure I speak for ALL the CRS team). The biggest motivator for me personally is our great community and our long history together... THAT's the juice. Thank you for the post @Capco it goes a long way Merry Christmas to ALL ~CHIMM~
  3. Xmas Patch coming!!! 9pm Server time (US Central)Call up the squads! SALUTE
  4. Days 10 and 11 of WWII Online Day 10 sports the Panzer III N with it's 75mm KwK37 L24 main gun! This tank is a beast... even Santa caught the elves looking up the tanks skirt (hehe)! Day 11 is the Firefly! Absolutely one of the more iconic tanks during WWII. The name "Firefly" was never an official name for the tank, but was adopted due to the bright muzzle flash of the 17lb gun.
  5. Day 7 of WWII Online A22 Churchill MK VIII CS Featuring the QF 95mm Howitzer with HE, HEAT, and SMOKE rounds
  6. You could always pause the video then move the slider.
  7. hehe @zbus
  8. Campaign 154 was a truce...
  9. Congrats on the Axis Victory!
  10. DOC keep up the good fight!
  11. Download this Install the C ++ Redistributable libraries (x86 for 32 bits or x64 for 64bits)
  12. until
    JAMMYMAN Memorial Saturday, November 24th This memorial event will be held in the Training Server (Verdun) on Saturday, November 24th, at 11 am CST (server time)/5 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). This event is open to everyone, and voice comms will be conducted through Axis Discord channel designated/managed by HEAVY265. Event outline: -Community speakers -CRS speakers -Moment of silence -Fly-over in Verdun with HE-111 and escorts -Flack 36 (88mm) 21 gun salute *All equipment is unlocked in the Training Server, regardless of your subscription level if you are a returning veteran wishing to participate* If you would like to share your thoughts, stories, or participate in the event contact, or private message in the forums ASAP. Participating squads/community speakers are requested to contact HEAVY265 in the Axis Discord 1-2 hours prior to the event for final coordination.