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  1. halsey's billing resolved
  2. All fixed
  3. See my pm here in forums
  4. showed fixed already, If you have an issue still contact support
  5. 2021 will be 20 years
  6. check my pm here in forums
  7. fixed
  8. The billing issues were unforeseen. Given the short amount of time we had to remedy, I'm impressed we were able to pull it together! As everyone knows it's not up to par yet and the kinks are getting worked out. The new billing software works GREAT (as of today) for: creating new accounts updating payment information updating subscription levels Some players experience a confirmed billing, but show "inactive" or "grace" on their subscription, and is what's being worked on. Timing sucked for this to happen while we moved server co-locations... but it did. I personally have stepped up to help in any way, and have helped MANY players over the past several weeks. The "inactive" or "grace" issue is VERY simple to fix (usually 30 seconds or so). Communicate with us through support. You can also message me in Discord or Slack (if you are in HC). There are only a few of us RAT's that have billing access.
  9. Live data is being backed up and moved to new colo!
  10. No it doesn't have the same set as the live server atm.
  11. If it isn't a Red Ryder BB gun I will be hugely disappointed! Merry Christmas
  12. The new servers in Portland are ALIVE!!! After days of "head to wall" pounding frustrations, PILOTMC and team have successfully stabilized our game on the new servers in Portland. Quality Assurance Team is jumping into the new live version for their testing as of this announcement. Before we open the flood gates to everyone, there are a few more services that need to be added/configured to the new servers probably tomorrow. Good news is, the worst part is done! Huge thanks to the teams for their hard work, we are getting close!!! SALUTE!
  13. Some compatibility issues have arisen with our legacy tools / operating systems in Dallas (vs Portland). Therefore we now have a small team organized to virtualize some of our older tools into newer operating systems. Looks do-able
  14. FYI Training is temporarily out of commission but will come back online once some data is transferred.
  15. @Mosizlak Looks like yours was fixed. @canukplf You are fixed now
  16. OMG!!! Totally forgot about that one! Thanks for sharing
  17. Yes, please .report it! Having a vehicle parked (intentionally or not) where players spawn-in is not tolerated. Please provide the player who killed you in the report so GM's can act faster.