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  1. Latest patch 1.34.3 FPS is so low, game is simply unplayable for me, for the first time ever! Congrats CRS! Hope you get this fixed asap... Cant see if lag/clipping has been fixed due to horrendous FPS...On average im getting a third of my normal FPS with latest patch...
  2. Start praying that 1.31 patch is only 2mb!!!
  3. Or you coudl just use ww2online Gift Vouchers, you pay for them, send him the code, and he can use it to play without paying etc...
  4. Once it freezes, leave it frozen for a while, to see if you get the CTHL window. Somestimes the game freezes for a minute before getting the CTHL. If you get this, then its probably your ISP playing up.
  5. I recommend 2gb of ram
  6. Yes you can, but I woudl recommend running at Low visibliaty for players.
  7. Take note how it is Propaganda material also....
  8. IT used to automatically run with two cores, but in a recent patch, CRS forced it to just use one core, there was some performance issues with dualcore active with ww2online. Dont know when they will resort back to the dual core setup though.
  9. I followed that advice, and my suttering is almost gone, and so far, no memory error, i will keep on trying and see how this pans out.
  10. Still getting it, and pretty bad stutters as Infantry when the battles get larger.
  11. Ouch, 16 sounds, no wonder sounds disappear, at least pump it up to 64 man!
  12. One short beep is the normal, so its not detecting any dodgy hardware, so it could then be a power problem, but the only way i can imagine that, is, if the PSU is faulty in itself. Although you have opted for a rather high end rig, so maybe you do need more power. Hell i only buy $50 PSU's 500w and they run fine for my athlon dual core, 7600gt SLI config with the USB ports all full on peripheral hardware, extra harddrives, 2gig of ram extra fans at all, just the psu fan and the cpu fan, and i dont even get overheating! EDIT: Ah i read the above, possibly a wrong voltage from the mobo to the ram, that does make sense and could be possible, although a mobo from factory setup should auto determine the voltage required etc...But yes it could be that, if you can get into the bios, then you should be able to setup a config that will at least boot up properly etc..
  13. I doubt its a power problem, 520w $120 psu should be enough to get you powered up and run stable, although it may struggle in high end gaming etc...but it shouldnt. Chances are your CPU is dead, when you switch the computer on, does it make beeping noise, just one beep, intermittent beeps, different beeps etc...or no beeps at all?
  14. Bumpage! And 1.27 rocks!
  15. Over the last few days, this problem has been getting worse, i keep losing chat, which means after i despawn or get killed, i get no data on the missions, brigades etc...oddly enough, this has only recently started to happen after 9pm GMT in general. Is their anything i should look for, in my router, firewall settings it a Server issue, or is it more than probably my ISP? Just bagged about 26 guys in Aarschott bunker, i had not chat, and it was swarming with axis troops, but they couldnt hit me, i ended up using pistol to kill a few more, before i finally got killed, i have a sneaky feeling i was lagging to buggery for them...?
  16. Yeah Netcode 2 and SSE enabled, tried other comninations also, i think its my ISP, or my actual adsl line...Im getting my provider to check the network/line etc...
  17. And dont forget, if your running a firewall, then make sure TS is allowed to communicate through the firewall etc...
  18. Its possible the server is down when u try to connect. but i find in general it take me about three times to connect succesfully. Best bet is to put in the actual IP, as opposed to the name of the server, this usually helps connection issues. Have to ask in game what the actual IP is though, as i dont know what it is myself. Hope that helps/works for you!
  19. Hmm might be something wrong with your account then, email he deals with this kinda thing i might be windows firewall blocking also, check to see if that is disabled etc..
  20. In the settings program for ww2online, uncheck the SSE2 option, and see if loads offline okay then.
  21. Well i finally upgraded my SB Live 5.1 card to a Xi-Fi card (£55), and its awesome, i gained 10fps on average as well in ww2online, well chuffed!
  22. CTHL= Connection to Host Lost. Game doesnt crash but the server kicks you off the server, i get it frequently with my crappy wireless network, although with netcode2 running, i only get it when my router decides it wants to restart.