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  1. Honestly, I would mess with you graphics settings, try setting a different resolution, do you have any custom graphics options set through your nvidia control panel? things like that.
  2. It's terrible and filled with entirely too many crepes.
  3. I already explain that, For Instance Axis AO Charleville with links from Sedan ONLY, axis gain Sedan ---> Charleville FB Allies AO Sedan with links from Lechesne ONLY Allies gain Lechesne ---> Sedan FB but DO NOT GET THE CHARLEVILLE ONE.
  4. How about changing the FB dynamic totally and FBs don't exist until an AO is placed. something like. 1: Attack order issued, begin deployment announcement via system 2: FB shows up: defender is notified via EWS immediately. 3: Once EWS at double/full AO placed with immediate effect. FB remains until AO is completed or removed, no more ninja blowing FBs, allows for quicker/more fun since no more having to deal with blowing/controlling FBs. When town is AOed you gain all FBs linking from your towns to the AOed town, If other side AOs one of your linking towns to that AO, they don't gain an FB from a town already AOed, but will gain other FBs linking to town.
  5. more spits=bad time for axis pilots.
  6. Theres nothing stopping you from going and attacking any town you want, would you be able to cap it? no, but atleast those rapscallion HC guys can't tell you what to do no more. I don't want to imagine what this game would be like without structured AOs again. ugh
  8. Yea definitely sounds like a personal problem.
  9. Yea but plenty of flags yall have to cover the front... unless you lose an entire division losing flags in TZ3 is kinda pointless, only 1 AO at a time for probably the next 7-8 hours means very limited ways to use it to our advantage. and I think if a town has 3 enemy links the fact that it has 3 spawnables IS an advantage.. but 3x the supply makes no sense in either real life, or fantasy life. To put it bluntly, it's a joke. I've already said I think supply trickle is a bit annoying as well, but it's not nearly as annoying as going back to town supply. If we go back to town based supply I still think there should half to be a brigade system still in place, aka, no supply in a town if no brigade in a town. Softcaps are all but dead since 2/3s of the day we run with 1 AO.
  10. Still don't think its a good reason to bring back town supply....
  11. Town based supply is stupid. absolutely stupid. try defending a town when you have 3-4 towns that are linked and you run out of supply. It completely takes breakouts away from the game, which i understand can be frustrating but people clamor for as close to realism as it gets when it comes to equipment but ah [censored] it all towns get the same supply no matter where it is! STUPID.
  13. The naval game, ACTUAL naval game you basically control a boat, whether its a riverboat (FMB), which has a 47mm ATG, 2 7.62mm MGs, 1 20mm AA, and a Dual 20mm AA, you sail around on the rivers or throughout the zeelands, and once you hit rank 5, you can sail Destroyers (DD). has 5 128mm (big guns) the either engage other boats with, shell towns, surpress stuff with ect. Also has 4 20mm AA guns, 2 front, 2 rear, 4 37mm AAA cannons, also good for supression, good for slower bombers/more damage and stuff. Theres also one more piece of naval equipment that most people don't use anymore, and thats the Freighter, basically it can carry tanks/trucks/infantry throughout the zeelands and the english channel, but they're slow and giant targets. You can also use naval flags for ground units, each naval flag has its own infantry supply, a few ATGs, and Tanks. The naval game used to have a very dedicated core group, me being one of them, who always tried to get naval operations going, with freighters bringing equipment across the zeelands, doing lots of para drops, and the most fun, sailing in a Destroyer.
  14. bobstav defending FBs and killin bob brothers, and doing what he does best, informing the public. ^^^^ what he said
  15. But im considering flowing to the underpop side. And I'm in HC. Thats the difference i want the game to be better for all, not just for loyalty or where my friends play.