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  1. In a sense, But thats just because we as Axis just really do not like attacking british divisions early.
  2. British Divisions are harder/more annoying to attack early game than French, also More french Divisions IIRC
  3. It's their names. the G41 in the stats is Rifleman G41, where as the Semi-auto only counts towards the french class (French semi-auto) in stats. and the UK is listed as UK_Assault.
  4. I think if it required more than logging into the other side, and looking than I could be ok with it, if it were a mechanic I could get down with that.
  5. because there's many more important things to focus on.
  6. Still haven't issues with game not starting at the correct resolution
  7. ah yep found it, thanks for the help!
  8. Hello friends, I'm having issues getting the game to run at the correct resolution on my laptop. Laptop won't let me select the dedicated GPU in the settings either, only reads the discrete onboard chip. screen resolution set to 1920x1080, settings set to the same, game will load in what looks like 2560x1600 resolution.
  9. .... now i did >.> thanks
  10. I know I'm cheap but i bought a saitek Cyborg X and for some reason It will NOT work for this game, It worked when i had my PS3 controller still plugged in, but would read as Joystick 2 so i had to remap everything! Then when i unplugged the PS3 controller, it won't work, works outside of game just fine, I updated drivers, tried everything, restarted game, restarted computer, done everything i can think of, changed USB ports... EVERYTHING EDIT: I just plugged back in the PS3 controller, and it works again. Just tired of remapping everything.
  11. See, i play more than just this game, and if thats the case ATI is the better choice for the most part unless the game allows physx, in which case i'll just buy some crappy 9600 and use it for physx
  12. yea but 1 5870 costs 100$ more than 2 5770 still a better buy.
  13. if u havea 4870 no need to upgrade. but 2 5770s will BLOW AWAY 1 5870 only thing compairable is a 5970 which is twice the cost as 2 5770s, 260s are not nearly as good as 5770s, they are a generation older, require alot more power, and they're memory heavy, and the onyl thing nvidia is good for is EVGA, and its physics, otherwise ATI cards are better in every aspect. if anything 2 5770s is the best combination of cards out their on the market for 300$.
  14. Yea u'll LAWL at the insignificant performance gains by the G300 SERIES not 400. and pay a 25% more premium for a card that gives u physics... ok.... so? 2 5770s is unbeatable for the price... nvidia can't come close to it for the perofmance to cost. 5770 no doubt is the best card on the market and will be until nvidia gets their heads out of the gutter. a 5770 doesn't even require any cables it uses all its power fmo the bus which is impressive... u won't be dissapointed with 2 or even 1 5770. 1 5770 is 150% better than 1 GTX 260 and costs 25% less. u do the math.