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  1. You'd have to ask the CinC at the time, mate... was taken very seriously! Bless him. Come to think of it, it was more than 5 years ago... more like 7 now... lol!
  2. Back in the day, and I'm going back probably 5 or so years here, I had run the map for a number of hours, and had the opportunity to break through the north and on to the factories after some really very poor moves by the GHC. The map would have been over in a matter of hours. Instead, I placed the AO's (we had more than 1 available then!) down in the south, and went on a beddy race with my squad. I still remember the Allies screaming at me for not exploiting the obvious mistakes made by our esteemed opponents, and the TS conversation with the CinC at the time (I was "disciplined", lol). Today; older, wiser, and within the HC orbat once again, I would do exactly the same thing as I did then. That doesn't make me unimaginative. I'm simply looking to provide the player-base with large-scale battles that they'll remember, tell their mates about, and keep logging in with a smile on their face. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?
  3. found the solution - you must be CO status to change the editable information on the squad tools page. Probably should say this, rather than "undefined error", but it's fixed nevertheless. Cheers!
  4. Salute and welcome to The 13th Infantry Regiment, an All-Allied Regiment from the online game: World War II Online. The formation of the Regiment came from a group of friends that met 'in-game' whilst playing together in one of the very first Allied squads, "The 11th Hussars". And in early 2005, this small group of renegades branched out and created a squad called "The Queens Royal Regiment" (QRR), with an ethos centred upon ensuring a fun gaming environment for their members. Despite a successful period of international growth, the QRR was disbanded in 2006, with members enjoying tours of duty in the High Command, Training Platoon, and Game Managers. In May 2007, and minutes before the birth of the Regiment; Dave, Macalex, Poker and Sixtoes (who were founding members of the QRR) found themselves all under heavy fire whilst defending a field base just outside of Antwerp, and decided there and then to form the Regiment. The rest, as they say, is history. The Regiment joined the Allied High Command OrBat in September 2007, and became the first squad affiliated to the newly formed 2 Paratroop Brigade, British Expeditionary Forces. This then followed a vote on where "home" would be, and the majority called for Willemstad up in the Zeelands. A proud and pivotal part of the Allied War Machine, we aim to ensure strong and continuous representation within the Allied High Command. The honour of Bulldog reaching Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces in 2011 is a significant highlight within the Regimental history. This honour was replicated by Toxaway in late 2017. Today, at over 10 years old, the Regiment is well respected throughout the game for the consistent team-play and willingness to support the foundations of what makes the game work. It is a haven for campaign veterans, and whilst our language is colourful and humour black; We continue to play an integral role in the development of wwii online.
  5. Hi Unable to change the motd and description etc in the squad tools "undefined error". Does anyone take care of this? cheers!
  6. Just give HC a different colour in the chat - simples.
  7. Do you seriously believe that there are paying customers sitting at home waiting until a piece of kit becomes available before they decide to login?
  8. Yup, shall do later today and let you know if back up and running.
  9. I've had the unexpected quit three consecutive times right at the end of the patch download. I have a 2017 imac (i7, 3.6 GHZ, 8GB) and yesterday downloaded the new OS (macOS High Sierra). Everything else (other games included) working fine.
  10. fix: town supply feature: more variable weather (it rains much more in Europe than it does in game...!)
  11. At the very least chaps, extend the timers.
  12. Hi. Cannot see the firm day and time in the news or on the forums. Do we have a confirmed start of 144?