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  1. Still knocking around mate. Being the summer, there's always other stuff to do... plus the fact we're all about 10 years older I see you've found your way here: You've been invited to the secure part of the forum lad, I think you need to follow the message from your inbox. You're still a member in the ranks mate, so no need to recruit in. WB
  2. Shifty! Hello mate
  3. F’sure pop is down, and it’s important to note that it’s down pretty much every summer. Europe is engulfed in a heat wave and the world is watching England about to win the World Cup. It’s not perfect, but sure beats talking to the wife!
  4. Back from the extended vacation. Will be online Sunday pm
  5. Now away for most of the month on vacation with the family. See ya when I get back!
  6. Over in Dubai on a bit of business. Be back at the weekend, troops!
  7. The re-implementation of the HC uniform will increase the numbers in the ranks. Seriously!
  8. I think we're all aware that there are dysfunctions, and also that there has been a repeated message concerning the changes to the system as and when 1.36 is delivered. Removing it "today" is frankly impossible.
  9. Hello mate. Are you in a squad? F’sure best option is for squaddies to help you out.
  10. @major0noob you’ve made your personal opinion on this subject very clear, which (if kept with the forum ToS) you are entirely free to do so. I don’t believe there to be further benefit of you appearing on each page stating essentially the same thing.
  11. Yup, I get many kills by sitting close to an FMS and waiting for the engie to arrive! Perhaps alternative exit points would help (a little) against the camp?
  12. I’d estimate that an improved F2P to premium conversion correlates directly to the amount of logged sorties / days logged in. We are certainly seeing squaddies who start as F2P “switch over” if they are still with us 7+ days after joining. The industry that I’ve worked in since leaving the forces (let’s just say it’s “years”, lol) is subscription-based, and to improve yield, one must improve the experience. Days 1-14 of Mr Greentag are critical, of which I have no doubt CRS are aware. It’s tapping into what “clicks” for the diverse range of player that is the key. This is of course extremely complex, and seemingly the biggest challenge. It’s obvious that projects have been attempted before (training, host squad) to varied levels of success. What I also see is some experienced players on F2P as they simply do not have the cash right now to commit but wish to remain in game and part of the team. There’s nothing wrong with that. I do take exception to the former subscriber who uses his F2P account to simply flame CRS and the players via this forum and not login, that’s just idiotic. The price is what it is: wwiionline is not (and never has been) mainstream. It is a boutique experience that targets a very specific end-user. I can’t see us ever being able to compete with the big guys, and frankly why should we? Continuing to improve the game is critical, as is (obviously) increasing the number of recurring subscribers. They go hand-in-hand. Subscriber acquisition (marketing) and the subscriber journey (engagement) are the critical factors to ensuring we kick-on. My personal view is that focusing significant time on pricing strategies is the wrong direction to take.
  13. F2P do not have access to premium forums mate, this is why posted here in the GD.
  14. @dropbearmate, all’s fair in love & war. I’d argue that the changes implemented this campaign are directly because CRS listened to the playerbase. As for the mass exodus of subs; I can only speak for myself in that our squad has more subbed for quite some time, and I’m certainly not seeing less players online during EU high-pop. Damned if you, damned if you don’t I guess.
  15. That's pretty cool work there, Chimm. GJ!