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  1. Looks great from here. WTG fellas
  2. Here's the fix:
  3. Excellent job on getting to the line! However after download to open for the first time, I get this: “World War II Online” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software."
  4. I think what most players do not see are the posts that we hide when it gets particularly vitriol. This is often followed by a personal message from the perpetrator to the mod which isn’t...let’s just say... flattering (luckily we’ve thick skin, and there aren’t complaints emanating from our corner). As a former British Army soldier, I’ve seen and read much, much worse!!! My personal view is that a select few have made the forums their own personal soapbox and have their own ways in berating or belittling other posters. Some do this by ‘shouting’ louder and some (which is probably worse) do this passively by demonstrating their higher (perceived) intellect. The challenge of course is that this is the internet and we’d naturally expect differing personalities to clash, particularly across borders and cultures (British sarcasm and American directness are two good examples). Perhaps we have too many sections in the forum and an amalgamation of areas would encourage more inclusive engagement. I’m not entirely convinced that we require premium / secure / hangar / barracks / motor pool / harbour as this is certainly dividing users. Perhaps keep OT as-is, because well, no explanation needed! Cheers, Poker (part of the mod squad)
  5. WBS

    I know that many will not visit the HQ section on the forum, so here is XOOM’s message in full: Soldiers, Airman and Sailors of WWII Online. Yesterday we had our greatest online presence of users since our original Steam release, with over 2.5x the normal population and we got up to 6 Attack Objectives ~ which is seriously awesome! I have seen many great friends of our community come back, a wave of enthusiasm from our players who are here, and a request from many to continue WBS. Therefore I'm announcing today a free 72 hour extension to "Welcome Back Soldier," which will push the end date from March 24th (Tuesday) to March 27th (Friday). I am also announcing, that all Free Players will receive ALL INFANTRY access with immediate effect, until March 27th as well. We know that times are hard and we're happy to be one of the online services in a position to help ease the current burdens being placed on friends all over the globe. As WWII Online has a world-wide fanbase, we take this entertainment option quite a bit more seriously. I think it's also important to say that WWII Online has had a hard time in Q4-2019 and we're still coming out of recovery. So we hope that we've been able to show our willingness, in mutual tough circumstances, to provide the free service that we can to the extent that we can. I am also hopeful, along with all of my colleagues at CRS that we see many of you stay, and subscribe come this weekend. Veteran players... be on the look out for a special offer e-mail sent to you, we will do everything we can to accommodate these difficult times. This past weekend demonstrated that while WWII Online has been around awhile, when we have our players packed into the server, it's unlike anything else in the gaming industry. It was truly exceptional and I'd like to thank everyone for their participation over this weekend, we hope you stay with us for more! Full article
  6. In one. It doesn’t matter which side, what matters is whether the majority of the player base are enjoying logging in. The 5 AO’s during EU prime would suggest that they are. It’s tiresome reading “Axis have this” and “Allies have that”. Why not all take a step back and think bigger picture for a moment. You never know, you might even realise that we’re fortunate to belong to a community such as this, and perhaps you’d maybe decide to stop giving it a kick when your own bias begins to shroud pragmatism.
  7. Shifty was back on for a bit last summer. Bob’s had a bit of a tough time with personal issues close to home.
  8. It’s in beta testing. I’m in a similar position to you, and using Bootcamp until we’re good to go.
  9. Aha, I see where you’re going now, thanks for clarifying. Would you concede it’s horses for courses? An allied tanker cannot drop an S35 into a BEF garrison to resupply like a German would be able to do. I would ask whether you’re enjoying the recent battles? Judging by feedback both in game and on this very forum, the general consensus is a resounding “yes” from both ‘sides’ (note that I’d rather use the term player base because we’re one of the same, however I get this thread is all rather territorial). Isn’t having more players online in bigger and better battles of greater importance?
  10. The 13th is a spin-offf from the QRR and the tag has been consistently fighting the Axis for around 13 years now. Obviously lost more than a few over the years, however you’ll still see 3 or 4 of us during EU prime, which suits us fine as we’ve always been a boutique little bunch of misfits. Great to see so many old tags running around of late.
  11. Been great to see some old faces amongst the new.
  12. Outline the benefits to the Allied side Delems. I’m super interested in how and why you’re thinking this way as clearly most of us don’t “get it”.
  13. Allied forces are occupying an allied-owned town. F’sure would have raised eyebrows when we had diehard BEF or ArFr squads (yeah, that was a “thing” once!) It’s perfectly ok Delems, it has no impact on RDP (unless a frontline town and ownership has been changed).
  14. Not fixed for me yet - being looked into. @B2K
  15. Same for me Tatonka (and I'm a mod). We're looking into it.