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  1. Great, thanks.
  2. Do you chaps have thoughts on when 171 will kick-off? Thanks
  3. Great, thanks. Any thoughts on timelines?
  4. @SCKING @XOOM Thanks
  5. Checking in on the above, thanks.
  6. Ok thanks. Merry Christmas then, I’ll check back in again early next year.
  7. Any update since the last update two weeks ago? thanks.
  8. The game requires at least 1,000 additional active (in-game / regular) subscribers, ideally pushing to 3,000. Those multi-hour battles aren’t going to happen anymore without it. You obviously need to find these additional subscribers (and they need to hang around), so it’s a combined marketing and UX strategy. Not only does this require sizeable cash, it requires a very bespoke strategy as the game is niche and the games on the market today are very, very good. I see this situation very regularly: Business needs to turnaround, cannot without cash, requests cash, model is outdated and cannot find cash, dies by a thousand cuts (this isn’t “doom and gloom”, it’s business). @XOOM, leave the spawnable and merge squads with a better operator just starting out who might have the resources to implement what this game does have. There are opportunities who I imagine would be keen to talk.
  9. Fully appreciate that you’re a volunteer Scking, so this post is not directed at you in any shape or form. @XOOM I, and others, contributed to a funding drive (one of many) when it was made clear that this drive would support the 64-bit upgrade. it is disappointing that this benchmark has not been met, and I certainly will not delay downloading an upgraded experience (which is needed to align my iPhone and iPad for work and family related activities). The funding drive was in spring 2018: and over £30,000 was raised. I find it very difficult to understand why you have failed to meet the 64-bit deadline when you essentially received cash some 18-months ago for this reason.
  10. Best of luck mate. You’re an inspiration.
  11. • cover is your friend, have options for the next three or four moves to ensure you’re not exposed. • fire only when you feel you’ve got a fair chance of dropping the right. • move after firing, dog-legged best. • stay out of buildings, including capture points. • ideally remain at a distance of 300m from the enemy. • you should be spending more time in comms / reconnaissance mode for your teammates (ie not engaging) • ignore the inevitable critics from those who might not understand why you’re playing differently. • that said, be prepared to drop your rifle and spawn another class when your team needs you. Good luck
  12. Is there a timeframe being worked toward? I recall one of the last fundraisers was partly toward this initiative, so be good to understand the progress for those who donated. Thank-you.
  13. Congratulations mate, hope you’re well.
  14. A sniper used effectively is great. Playing this way requires tons of patience, plenty of comms and a bit of selfishness f'sure. Going back a couple of years, I'd regularly spend 60-120 minutes on a sortie just relaying comms through to the town defenders and directing to FMS. Sometimes wouldn't even release a round. More difficult to do when numbers are low and you're more useful in the bunker or spawn! There's probably a handful of us who have played that way. The only thing that gets my goat is the stat guys - my arch enemy despawning twice when close to dying so the KD is maintained... you know who you are, & I still haven't forgotten!
  15. 2003, first squad was the 11th Hussars with UK legends such as m1ck (my recruiter), mudders, wdwm & ouwd (hey mate!). Co-founded the QRR in 2005 and then the 13th Infantry Regiment in 2007. Have enjoyed several tours in AHC on the map and have met many great people. Although finding time to play with any regularity is difficult these days, I still hold this dear old game close to my heart.
  16. Yeah, yeah that’s what they all say.. HMP Wandsworth isn’t too bad anyway, decent breakfast if you are in the first 200.
  17. Best of luck mate.
  18. Salute and welcome to The 13th Infantry Regiment, an All-Allied Regiment from the online game: World War II Online. The formation of the Regiment came from a group of friends that met 'in-game' whilst playing together in one of the very first Allied squads, "The 11th Hussars". And in early 2005, this small group of renegades branched out and created a squad called "The Queens Royal Regiment" (QRR), with an ethos centred upon ensuring a fun gaming environment for their members. Despite a successful period of international growth, the QRR was disbanded in 2006, with members enjoying tours of duty in the High Command, Training Platoon, and Game Managers. In May 2007, and minutes before the birth of the Regiment; Dave, Frikshun, Macalex, Poker and Sixtoes (who were members of the QRR) found themselves all under heavy fire whilst defending a field base just outside of Antwerp, and decided there and then to form the Regiment. The rest, as they say, is history. The Regiment joined the Allied High Command OrBat in September 2007, and became the first squad affiliated to the newly formed 2 Paratroop Brigade, British Expeditionary Forces. This then followed a vote on where "home" would be, and the majority called for Willemstad up in the Zeelands. A proud and pivotal part of the Allied War Machine, we aim to ensure strong and continuous representation within the Allied High Command. The honour of Bulldog reaching Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces in 2011 is a significant highlight within the Regimental history. This honour was replicated by Toxaway in late 2017. Today, at over 10 years old, the Regiment is well respected throughout the game for the consistent team-play and willingness to support the foundations of what makes the game work. It is a haven for campaign veterans, and whilst our language is colourful and humour black; We continue to play an integral role in the development of wwii online. The 13th Infantry Regiment...for Grown Men Who Should Know Better! Got this far? Go here:
  19. @knucks some of what you post has valid reasoning and you clearly have experience in price modelling. However, you’re doing yourself no favours with your confrontational comments. We can’t keep reading that “we” don’t know what we are doing mate, so consider this your last chance to post more respectfully. @XOOM you asked what can we (CRS & the pb) do to drive more subscribers. My personal view is that there is some value in looking again at the financial modelling to drive in-game population. Attrition is going to happen, that’s the nature of the beast. Slowing down attrition (which I’m presuming you’ve had some success with) whilst driving high volume is the obvious winning formula. Sure there’s a smart volunteer somewhere in the states who needs to complete such work for a thesis.
  20. Some really great progress. If we could do 2018 again, what would we do differently?
  21. Still knocking around mate. Being the summer, there's always other stuff to do... plus the fact we're all about 10 years older I see you've found your way here: You've been invited to the secure part of the forum lad, I think you need to follow the message from your inbox. You're still a member in the ranks mate, so no need to recruit in. WB