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  1. Thanks for info...
  2. when i try to use deploy 'HIT D KEY' nothing happens could not hitch 'H KEY' to. this means some off my keys dont work right, was fine till new patch thanks:mad:
  3. my gun in tank turret turns to the right, and up as well same with stug, tried pak 38 my spoter turns in cercle and my gun moves to right when not held in place same with flying the plane turns to can i fix this:mad:
  4. my gun turret is wandering to thr right or up wont stay still,, is it that way for you guys as well?? if so we need to fix this
  5. ok, ill check into new card, thanks guys
  6. I have a ATI 9600 128 meg, seem to work fine before now it gets real jerky and drops fps also frezze up and lost host every time i play at some point, but i do want to thank you ahwolf you are always a big help for us mac guys
  7. I Know whats killing my fps its TREES and towns i know towns are going to be fixed in 1,27 what about trees the big red woods which they do not have in france ive been there... these trees up close kill my fps, when coming in to towns there always seems to be these huge redwood trees blowing in the wind WHY?? What is CRS planes with all these fps sucking trees are they going to fix this to along with towns,, im getting 4 fps down to 2 even 1when looking thru stug g with trees in view its the leaves i think when far away its fine but when you get up close the trees move and all the leaves kills fps, jeez ive almost given up i hope this tree thing will be fixed as well,
  8. ok, i know why why fps is so low trees lots off players and towns or citys its so bad now im getting where its hard to fight, why so many trees they kill fps i dont care about trees blowing in the wind,,,lol im here to fight not take a hike, is this being fixed as well
  9. i do like the game alot, will stay on and see if 1.28 fixs lag in towns Thanks
  10. Yahh, i might go as well bad lag and lost host all the time... use to be able to play with out this stuff, but its getting old now seems it just gets worse as they put out new versions,
  11. cant find netcode2. in settings can you do a step by step to find it sorry lol
  12. since this update i get a freeze up then lost host #57 i know its not on my end, im running fast conection and did not have this problem before last version , its gota be the game it happens every time i play at least i play axis, are you guys getting freeze ups and lost host to?? man it gets old... if so i want to get rats on this, is it a mac thing?
  13. i have gig and a half ram, just lost tiger just now its tied to the fps and lag im almost shure, it never did this before new patch im loseing host when driveing tanks,, this relly sucks im a tank guy:mad:
  14. was driveing tank last night and would see lag fps drop at same time i would see freeze up then would come back almost a frezze up #57 so i think it has to do with lag and fps drop..when will fps lag and drop be fixed?