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  1. Another Japanese ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa the Devil of Rabaul, Imperial Japanese Navy 150+ kills, sadly shot down in Oct, 44 traveling in an unarmed transport plane. Forsaw his own death a day before and requested a Kamikaze mission but was refused as pilots of his skill were needed.
  2. Agreed. Saburo Sakai Read his book Samurai! to get all the details its wonderful.
  3. idk that doesnt eem low to anyone? US fought on in NA italy pacific normandy and its only around 400,000? what were german losses to american discluding Eastern front and japanese vs US?
  4. Can somone post accuatr casulty reports. ANd is it true only around 500,000 american casulties? this seems low to me.
  5. Ok it worked then it didint work but now it works fine. I have nooo idea wtf happened but thanks for the help.
  6. So i log in today after, havnt played since intermission and i download 2 new patches. they install fine and It ry to log in, my screen goes to out of sync liek when your monitor is unplugged from your pc, I check connectiiona nd its ogod so i restart manually. Upon restart everythignis finea nd I try to login again but screen just goes balck and I crash to desktop, this happens everytime now checked settigns there all good, reinstall maybe?
  7. What settigns can I get away with if im using a SOudnblaster x-fi xtreme music card?
  8. Try upping your resolution to 1280X1204 32, i think thats the highest in settings, it stopped the ei warpiness for me and thigns look way bigger and better, stuff moves faster, smoother too and my FPS went up
  9. M, mine does it too but its from my video card. Hows your temps when running the game. I have a 6800GS overclocked 120mhz above stock speeds and when im flying i sometimes would just freeze for a few minms and the osund would get all garbled, then it would unfreeze, I had to lower my AA AF settings from 4-8 to 2-4 or downlock, and i didnt want to downclock, it seemed to happen when my card reached 55-56 degrees, idk its worth checking.
  10. Warcraze im selling my old AGP BFGtech 6600GT OC with aluminum cooling if your interested, i went to a 6800GS which is antoher good choice. It got me around 40-50 FPS in hot areas at medium settings, also selling a AMD 3000+ 2.0GHz socet 754 processor as well.
  11. I have a socket 754 Athlon 64 3700+ 2.4 ghz, 2 gigs OCZ platinum overclocked ram, 150 GIG WD hardrive, MSI K8N Neo mobo a AGP 6800GS overclocked to 470/1180 and an old Soundblaster Live! card and when flying alone im usually in the hundreds and dont go below 40 when the theres like tons of units on the ground and stuff flyign all around. I have everything on high-medium settings and my driver version is 82.12. YOur system should be tearing it up, idk check NT compatibility like the others said.
  12. do you know any specs for it?
  13. Heres the link to the original page, anyone know german? pic is 7th up from bottom, its under the link stalinngrad 1942 so i belive thats around when the pic was taken.
  14. I thought it was a stug but looks like something else?