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  1. Wtf

    Just did the download for the newest install and I can't get into the game, all info for name and passwords are lost-the page is completely white-no info or anything , nothing I do can get me into the game-how in hell did you guys do this????
  2. I will be attending Tom73b's funeral on Thursday, if anyone wants they can leave a final message to him with me and I will print it out and see that it is delivered to him. bird1@carolina.rr.com
  3. Just to let everyone know I will be at the funeral for Tom on Thursday. If anyone wants to leave a final message to Tom please Email me at bird1@carolina.rr.com I will print them out and leave them with him. Hawkeye-aka Bird
  4. Tom73b Passed away last Thursday from cancer. The Allfor squad has the news, if anyone has some information please post it here
  5. It took me a couple of years but I finally got the 12th Cavalry Regiment back online and in the game With the help of the Rats and esp OHM . The 12thcav dates back to almost the beginning 2001 and was a really good squad and squad nites were spectacular, ie panny races through a enemy town and return lol. At the moment we work a lot of defense and Lone wolf stuff with the backing of the squad when help is needed. If you have a following and and are looking to lead a squad I will talk to u. This must be a allied only squad-never axis as it has been from the beginning. Looking for vets and new people alike, get in on the ground floor again!
  6. It took awhile be I was able to get the 12th Cavalry Regiment restarted. Looking for allied only players. We work a lot of defense and lone wolf a lot but with the support of the squad ready to jump in when it's needed. Vets and new recruits equally encouraged to join up.
  7. Trying to restart the squad but having problems within the game to do it
  8. coug also had a 2nd account "jeep"
  9. try coug12thcav, or coug12th, all the rest have gone on or left the game years ago, coug left the game about 3 years ago he was xo when it was disbanded
  10. guess it didn,t work huh?
  11. THRANCE, sorry when I wrote that I was drunk on my butt, but not looking for insquad problem response just problem squad type like mine, we disbanded because we couldn't resolve the problems and couldn't recruit and everything I tried backfired even askin for help so now I am beggin and there seems to be 1 way out-- my 2nd account that never got out of the old squad-- in otherwords I was paying for nothing lol
  12. Seems to be taking a lot of time on this,, one of the reasons we disbanded the squad--no one would help us on the squad problems in everyway, you guys might want to appoint someone to work squad problems and ways around them!!!
  13. I am trying to restart the 12thcav squad-but there is a problem with it and OHM is checking it out. The 12thcav was one of the bigger squads 8 years ago and I am looking to restart it, atm the squad name is bugged as that is one of the reasons we disbanneded we couldn't do anything squad named or ordered
  14. No answer yet , need ohm to work on this