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  1. I will be attending Tom73b's funeral on Thursday, if anyone wants they can leave a final message to him with me and I will print it out and see that it is delivered to him. bird1@carolina.rr.com
  2. Just to let everyone know I will be at the funeral for Tom on Thursday. If anyone wants to leave a final message to Tom please Email me at bird1@carolina.rr.com I will print them out and leave them with him. Hawkeye-aka Bird
  3. Tom73b Passed away last Thursday from cancer. The Allfor squad has the news, if anyone has some information please post it here
  4. After the last 2 days I have confirmed that the new game format is exactly what I thought it would be. I would really like to return to the old format, the new stuff is left wanting-I don't care if the battles last longer-I like that, this new stuff is not what I paid for, yeah I know blitzkrieg or however you spell it is what you want and now-the axis walks across the map and because the allied hc did not do their job the allied lost the map in 2 hours when a lot of us were not on.\ So for the last 2 days I am now playing world of tanks and was gonna download world of warplanes-take a hint I can spend my money where I want and if I don't like this, it won't take long to be gone,
  5. Yearly locked
  6. I drove a tank over to Glitz the other day and shot at several JU's passing overhead and also killing some on the AF, on one there was a trail of axis paras in a string along the field falling out as they died. I almost died laughing
  7. I would like to know since when did the axis lmg get AP rounds-- how in hell does a lmg kill everybody in a buttoned up S-35- he runs around it shootin and everyone dies almost like he is clipping into it like the axis did in the char back in 2002 or thereabouts nuthin but a bunch of cheatin pricks
  8. What does that mean? I built this new computer just for the new version I don't have old drivers. That stug was head to head with me and I was waiting for him to climb up that 1st berm, there was no way with his commander not deployed that he could see through the earth---much less shoot through it
  9. Yeah happened to me also more than once.
  10. I have to ask, is there a bug or a cheat that allows some axis 88's and atg's to see through folage and bearms. I know that they couldn't see through EVERYTHING in the old version, it's just this latest big patch and I'm getting mad. Also had a stug who I could only see the top of with my commander, see me and kill me though a bearm from 50 feet away, actually 2 bearms. I could only see 2 to 3 inches of the very top of the stug buttoned up, he stops and shoots boom out go the lights. Somethings not right here
  11. During the time that the kills were reported live when u killed someone I saw a axis player that was completely camoflaged, I mean he had the exact same colors as the bush he was in, the only thing that pointed him out was the shape ie axis inf. I shot him and got the kill notice, but he was still in camo after he died.
  12. All of a sudden the matty is dieing to everything took 5 hits headon to a bofors and boom out go the lights. The matty has defenatly been nerfed or the bobor has got super AP ammo now.
  13. Yeah I blacked out also, if the axis had this problem before and the rats changed the code for the beddy then it should be easy to figure out, what did they change change it back
  14. Chief yeah I know I tried everytrick in the book, now I can get back in I just get mission results pending every other death or ctd in a heartbeat it's the game not me others have the same problem
  15. It's gotten to the point now for me that I'm not even gonna log in anymore for a bit, every coupla deaths and I get mission results pending and on others ctd in a heartbeat. I spent more time loggin in today than I did playing. Not a happy person atm.