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  1. Two more questions...

    Trying to set my right joystick trigger to two stage, so that half pull fires weapon 1, and full trigger pull fires both weapon 1 and 2.

    Also, how do you set controller so that input is very slight for the first 10% of throw, but heavier when you have more throw? Trying to set this so ATG aiming isn't so clunky, and you can do small changes easier? I'm pretty sure you have to set that in-game.

  2. It seems the ministick needs to be set up for half axis itself.

    For instance, I set gear shift up and gear shift down for Y axis on the ministick. So pushing the stick up gives the ] command and down gives the [ command.

    But when I click up (and naturally let go) it gives ] and [

    In other words, letting go of the spring centered ministick control is giving the opposite command.

    How do I program that in the Saitek programmer?

  3. When I used to play, I programmed my "ministick" (throttle device, where the thumb is) as 4 different buttons (for flying, Panzer, and boats).

    I don't honestly remember how I did it.

    I've tried programming it (through Saitek's profile editor) so that x and y axis are each a letter.

    But it seems to either be too sensitive. I'll put the ministick up, and it will give me the command, but when I release it the opposite direction will push out a command, even though I just released it.

    Also, the pinkie switch on the right joystick used to function as a button. I understand some use it as a shift, but I'm trying to set this x52 up as I used to have it (for a number of years, and even after 3 1/2 years, it's still pre-programmed in my brain).

  4. Well, I tinkered with the settings for the Nvidia card and finally got it set to the 735m for wwii.

    Loaded it up, and it was centered (so that problem was fixed), though the resolution is MUCH smaller.

    I looked in my system tray, and nvidia GPU says it's running.

    But when I go to Start>CRS>BE>Settings it says I'm running it at full resolution for this monitor (1280x960 I think). And it still doesn't show the Nvidia card in that BE settings box. Intel HD is only option.

    Sorry for acting like a noob. Still can't figure out what's setting it to a lower resolution.

  5. After a 2 1/2 year absence from the game, I'm trying to play again.

    I reloaded the game, and it worked fine on my new laptop (i7, GTX735m, 8gb RAM).

    But updated drivers and such, and now the welcome screen is so far off center that I can't even select a branch to get in the game.

    I searched, and there is a 2 1/2 year old thread (coincidence??) that says this is a known bug issue with no fixes.