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  1. AIs are only at town entrances and they are: Wooden turret, ATG pit, MG pit. They are placed at town entrances and in front of Abs (army bases)
  2. Just say !S to everybody, allied and enemy comrades! see u again on battlefield
  3. !S soldiers, Smilzo is back What year did you start playing? maybe 2001-2002 When was the last time you played? 2013 What squad were you in? REI What side did you primarily play on? german
  4. i solved it: cleaned every windows registry key unistalled the game and reistall it
  5. same here tonight... i can't enter in map, after selected the desired unit i press the button to enter in map and after a few seconds it say Cell Host (10060): Timed out waiting for connection". and "Cell Host (10057): Not connected i tryed to bounced between navy heer and LW but same thing... any tips? P.S. the game has always worked I never had problems. Can be a server trouble?