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  1. http://www.forces.net/news/experts-appalled-unique-aircrafts-terrible-restoration
  2. Not quite our period I know, but thought some may be interested. This is a project I am hoping to become involved with next year professionally, and requires crowd funding in order to carry out rescue excavations ahead of probable destruction by development. Take a look and support if you can. http://hill80.com/ https://www.facebook.com/DigHill80/
  3. I need to get a headset (with mic) and I'm using a 2015 MBP, which only has the single headphone input. I've been reading lots online but am still confused. Can I buy an integrated headset/mic with single jack and will the mic work? Lots of people suggest it won't, something about in-line power or something? The only other option is a USB headset. Is anyone else running a MBP with single jack and got a headset and mic working fine, if so which make and model?
  4. Not sure if anyone has watched this, but just came across it. An independent movie based on true stories about the BEF in France 1940. It's from 2015, and the movie company has uploaded the full version. Watched the trailer and looks like it will be worth a watch. FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/Invictamovie/ Full Movie - http://www.theinsidemole.com/Invicta-Movie Trailer -
  5. I just installed the game on my MBP and it runs pretty well, the only thing I can't work out is how to zoom on the in game map - usually you can zoom on the trackpad by pinching, but it doesn't seem to work in this game. I can zoom on the map but not properly, it whizzs in and out - does anyone know how to do it properly?
  6. Just downgraded from 9.9 to 9.6 drivers on my 4850 and seems much more stable, no crash for a while now.
  7. Had this today, everything stopped, tabbed out and game was using 1.6GB of RAM and had Smartheap error. Using Vista with 2GB RAM, ATI 4850. Just resubbed after a year to see what game is like now, seems extremely unstable compared to 1 year ago - can hardly stay in game for more than 20 mins.
  8. Have the same problem (or similar) here - Vista, ATI 4850, 9.9 driver - crashes every time after about 15 minutes. Just resubbed after a year away to see how game was going, not a great start!
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, I will post my dxdiag and try the other ideas out when I get home. The card has been in the PC for ages now, a couple of years I think. The game only started doing this with 1.27 as far as I remember - of course this could be when I upgraded from one set of ATI drivers to the next.
  10. Have got an ATI 1900XTX 512MB and whenever I start the game it the fan goes absolutely mental like up to full speed, then the game minimises and I get a message about ATI reducing the speed of the card due to overheating. I checked the card and fan and it's all functioning and clean, and I only get this problem with this game - all others are fine (graphic intense ones too). Is there some setting I need to change to stop the game brutalising my card? It shouldn't struggle as it's a half decent card and seems to cope with stuff like Stalker etc. The only graphics settings I have turned down are shadows and clutter both set to off. Have the latest ATI drivers, and 2 GB RAM. Any ideas?
  11. Just dual booted my machine running both XP and Vista, as I was having problems with Over Flanders Fields in Vista. So I've now got 2 clean installs - one XP SP2 and one Vista Premium 32 Bit. Question is...which one do I install WWIIOnline on? I will be using Vista mostly for my day to day stuff as it's way nicer than XP for general stuff - and just using XP for compatibility issues. So...is WWIIOnline a compatibility issue or not? I have been running it under Vista for the last 6 months or so and havn't had that many issues - I get a few CTHLs but they're network related (blips at my end). Does the game perform better/look better/crash less/... under a particular OS? Thanks
  12. Looks like my graphics card was overheating and refusing to display the game. I cleaned it all out and changed some settings and it seems to be okay now!
  13. Just tried offline mode and that seems fine - looks like a network problem - 400ms seems a lot to Main Pri whatever that is - can I change it to Alt Pri?
  14. I just ran the checknet app and this is what I get... Test Starting. Test 1: Auth Pri -OK- 180ms Test 2: Main Pri -OK- 409ms Test 3: Main Alt -OK- 138ms Test 4: Main PingPri -OK- 139ms Test 5: Main PingAlt -OK- 139ms Test 6: Main Chat -OK- 137ms Test 7: Event Pri -OK- 145ms Test 8: Event Alt -OK- 158ms Connection tests completed OK.