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  1. Well, if we held it here at my University in Southern Ontario, east of Toronto, it would be within 10 hours drive of anywhere from Maine down to New York City and over to Michigan an Indiana. - lots of computers (in my gaming lab) - check - more computers (Mac & PC) - in the Computer Commons areas - check - high speed internet access - check - drinking establishments (two on campus) - check - accommodations (hundreds of residence apts) - check The last item might require some negotiation with the University bosses, but seems do-able. Otherwise there are several hotels in the area (but not walking distance). Also, it would have be after the regular school year - so May or June, or better yet, July or August, because there are no summer classes then, either. Plus, as Game Development coordinator here, I have the authority to make it happen
  2. I play on my Dell 9300 laptop with nVidia GO 6800 - 1.75 Intel M Centrino with 1.0 GB of 1.05 GHz ram. All eye candy turned on at 1440x900x32 (widescreen). Great framerates in all vehicles, even in crowded areas.