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  1. Come for OT. Best OT forum this side of the internet.
  2. Ended up being my UCLK frequency or ACPI, ACPI 2.0 was off, turned that on, and set the UCLK frequency from auto to 1537 Mhz. Seems to be fixed now.
  3. Having my graphics card go from 50% usage in game, going to 33% or something, with minor fluctuations, creating lots of bad artifacting. Latest Nvidia beta drivers GTX 560 1024Mb Temp never exceeds 55C. No issues with DirectX games. Sometimes I'm getting an error code 7, OpenGl, too many errors. I tested my RAM for 24 hours with Memtest 86. It's not my mainboard RAM.
  4. It's really more of a grenade. Think higher velocity version of the 40mm M203.
  5. Good news. Lol though, like they're in a rush to get those ships on the stocks, let alone off of them.
  6. Perhaps they hadn't sent them to Germany yet?
  7. M1 Main Battle Tank - Michael Green
  8. The M1A1 came out in 1986, pretty comparable in terms of a timeline.
  9. It's not the same unless you drive there, hehe.
  10. This is all kinds of crazy.
  11. That is one shockingly maneuverable aircraft. Great video.