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  1. Ok got it sorted. If anyone has this issue what worked for me was to make sure the Joystick is seen as Joystick 1. When I tried to set this up it was reading my throttle as joystick 1 and the actual joystick as number 2. Once I forced the Joystick to be number one the axis worked.
  2. Well it's back...cannot steer the tank with the Thrustmaster warthog. I have tried everything I can remember and the damn thing will not steer. Any ideas?
  3. You guy's are silly
  4. I don't come around here much...as you can tell even though I have played since day one. The Matty is the only allied tank that feels like it is on ice. It slides all over the place.
  5. I cant even get in the game....keeps getting stuck at loading host Data.
  6. Well however it happened it ruins gameplay.
  7. Since I play Allied I call it the "sherman shake" but it happens when you are too close to a berm or are tracked. Makes me despawn cause I aint that good of a shot anyway and throw in a constant weeble wobble...well forget about it. If we are talking about fixing stuff the Matty needs to have the Ice removed from underneath it as well.
  8. Yep I logged in to see the loss of the south in 1 day...and logged out. I am a day one/fanboy super duper supporter...but this axis T3 wipeout stuff has turned even us old farts off.
  9. I have been getting constant CTD'd with the most current nvidia drivers. If I play on my basement desktop with AMD card no issues. Laptop with GTX1080 and nvidia driver 383.33 I cant play for more that 10-15 minutes without a CTD. HELP!!
  10. Thanks..I got it to work. I had to delete and restore default setting and it started working. Thank you for you help
  11. Bump for some help It is the thrustmaster warthog
  12. I have been stuck trying to get my Thrustmaster Hotas working with WW2 online. The problem is with the keymapper for tanks. I can't seem to assign steering to the joystick. The game recognises the Joystick fine and it works well for flying. But when trying to assign the X axis to steer the tank well no go. The game will recongnize that I have assigned the correct axis but when I try it in game the I can't steer. I have cleared and restored default key bindings but still no go. Any ideas all you smart people?
  13. Yep patching has almost always meant a patch to fix the patch...I did the full install and was able to log in...again
  14. Yep I did that..(download whole game) it worked I was able to log in and play. I signed out and just tried to log in again...got same error. Strange thing is when I first click on play online I get a Microsoft agreement screen first.
  15. I have the latest patch...I can log into the choose sever screen...I click on Campaign and I get Login aborted in red?? Any ideas?