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  1. What's up bungholes?
  2. What size cannon in the nose? [edit] Hmmm, looks bigger than 37mm to me.
  3. Screenshot thread huh? ;-)
  4. My dad's father trained crews (don't rember what specifically) for B-24s, B-17s, and later B-29s. 1 month before Pearl Harbo he was supposed to have been shipped to Hickum Field but a mistake in paperwork left him on the mainland. My mom's father was a chemical weapons engineer in the Pacific. I've got a few photos of after effects... My mom's stepfather was in the Polish cavalry but escaped to Britain and then the US. My dad's mother's father fought for the Hapsburg Empire (Austria-Hungry) as an infantryman in WWI.
  5. Both in the 256 MB variety. From looking at specs the X700 has higher mem/core speeds but considerably less bandwidth. Which would you recommend? I need an emergency video card because the fan on my old 9800 Pro died.
  6. I'm using an ATI card so it's not an Nvidia driver problem and the All in 1 Codec didn't work. One other problem, my SATA drive is being detected at start up, but it's not showing up under my computer. I tried Add Hardware but it doesn't show up.
  7. Just reformatted my computer and some videos that Windows Media player are playing wierd. It looks like I'm see what a Predator (from the movie) would see. Everything is bright green, red, orange, yellow, and blue. If it's any help I've already installed DviX Anyone?