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  1. RnG41spW4Xo Operation "Last Gasp" - Last BE Air/Ground action - Want some moar cheap homemade vid? check my Older BE Movies
  2. Bump! Well, after many tests I did earn some FPS but not that much finaly. Something about 5-10fps max and looks like I can't go higher thant 30-35fps, wich is still too low. I tried to save the files under differents HDs, I tried half and full scale, with or without sounds, I did split the core ressources (as advised) between ww2.exe (like: 0-1-2-3) and fraps (4-5-6-7) and other variants, looks like I only earn few fps as said before (5-10fps max) BTW; BE and Fraps are installed on the same disk, but I tried to split the Fraps saving files on an other disk, no particular changes. Here's for the update; I'll keep you in touch in case of... well, we'll see. In any case, thank you for the help, Flip'
  3. Bump, looks like you forgot me! Thank you in advance, flip'
  4. Thank you guys, I did some tests tonight and it looks like I'm on the good way to fix that! Gotta sleep, will keep you in touch!
  5. Count me in! Axis fighter 09E4 if possible or Allied fighter in case you need some moar. Or at least something that fly, better for frapsing
  6. Hello, I'm having some fps problem with Fraps time to time (not everytime but most of it ) Usually it doesnt work well but somtimes, it works fine. I tried many routines I don't see how and why. (I tried full or half size, with or whitout sounds, differents keys for set up, reinstall it, etc) My config: - Win7 ultimate edition 64 - Sapphire Radeon HD5970 - 4gb - Intel Core i7-975 - Corsair XMS3 DDR3 PC3-12800 Triple-Channel (CL8) - 6 GB Kit - monitor: Samsung P2450H in 1980*1080 - 1.5 To of HD. I can run all my games with fraps in full quality without any lag issues, most of the time. WW2ol works fine without fraps runing but when turning on....I'm having the usual FPS drop. (60fps that drop to 25-17fps) Also, looks like the numbers of people playing/fighting in the same aera doesn't change anything. What is funny is that with my old config (I used it till BE ver.1.30) I could run ww2ol+fraps without any problems. And for the note: I'm running a "legal" version of Fraps, updated, etc. So, is this related to the recent updates and so? Or something related to the sound maybe? (had some issues too a while ago but fixed it with update) I don't think so, still I'm looking for answers; if anyone has some idea, time to share it...! Thank you in advance, regards and so. Flip'
  7. Thank you, didnt know about BST.
  8. I'm getting confused, should it start now or in 1hour? BTW, training server still locked.
  9. Yo, Finaly I could be available! Count me in a Hurri please! Meeting time is now 15.00 GMT right?
  10. I don't think I'll be home on saturday evening, so it's a no-no for now. Any possibilites to sub' in last minute? In case of?
  11. I hope to be around, in that case, count me in!
  12. Message from Gunny55 " Hey guys, any one that is considering joining, I will be back on Sunday, and the squad will be formed that day, so it would be nice if those who are interested could be online, thank you in advance and see you ingame! "
  13. Well, if nothing works for you guys, I really suggest you to reinstall all the game + playgate. Sounds bad I know but the trick was really fast. It took me around 15 minutes to do it (+track IR btw) so it's really quick, worth it IMO. Good luck !
  14. Well, I finally uninstall the game and playgate, reinstall full game and playgate again... And seems its working for now! I just played 1 hour and the game only crashed before I was leaving when I despawned.. Weird..?! Anyway, looks like I'm good to go for now.