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  1. Low Tier - garbage time.... axis will rise
  2. Jun 10, 2001. 12th SS
  3. havent logged in over a week this camp. Seriously rethinking reup
  4. too many guys warping through walls, round corners, and up the stairs.... Please enable, it was better on.
  5. June 12th 2001. 12thSS
  6. Who can forget "toofless"
  7. again, why did we need to have a week long intermission. sigh
  8. Sigh. Im with Delems and xcas. The intermissions imo should never be more than 48hrs. If there is a patch, great.
  9. Sat AM would have been acceptable. Sunday? Really?
  10. IMO - CRS should have a planned Intermission event when the end of a campaign is in sight. Perhaps a player voted on event. BoB, Antwerp, naval battle in Zs etc etc. This should be ready to go and announced to the player base once a campaign end is imminent. ALSO - The date and time of the beginning of the next campaign, firm - paying players shouldn't have to grovel though this forum to find out wtf is going on. Paying customers WANT TO KNOW this stuff and not have to come here and post about it. Get a email, twitter, and Fb campaign going about these IMPORTANT pieces of information. Paying 17.99 a month, I feel I deserve better. 17.99? a month? Come on. More PR/ marketing is at your fingertips just by promoting THIS VERY INFO. ffs Reset the campaign - its over. Allies are sick of it Im sure.
  11. mp34 misses evrything. Mp40 same. POS
  12. I feel bad. All noobs. I guess Mook was just doing what you allied types would have done too.