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  1. It's back- I get a notice that Network 2 fails, and a little while later, game freezes to reveal CTHL message. Thing is, text is still rolling! Such a bummer- especially for guys who put in long missions. I just lost a 10+ kill mission, and was still in the zone- dang... Any advice?
  2. It is well known that Black Hand sports top level infantry players. It is not well known that Black Hand operates from a "main gun" philosophy, where support of our big guns is #1 priority. Black Hand is now recruiting tankers who wish to be a part of a strong team. If neccesary, training will be provided by our ace tanker, balck. The most important thing to bring to the table is a team-centered attitude, and a willigness to commit. Link to forums in my sig.
  3. Turned up soundcard, no problems.
  4. Figured it out- had to turn up sound card.
  5. Worked, but the sounds are still VERY low. Ideas? Anyone else?
  6. Got this spawning in for the first time after loading 1.25: Windows pop-up with BE icon on task bar: invalid operation for locked space (\Development\3rdparty\ode-0.7\ode\src\collision_space.cpp:690) Game ran good, but after clicking OK, I got this: Runtime Error! Program: C:\PROGRA~1\crs\BATTLE~1\ww2~x86.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the the application's support team for more information. Click ok on that, and the game terminates.
  7. n/m I got it.
  8. Can anyone give any tips here? I haven't had to make microphone work for 2 years, and I forgot what I did last time. I have a Sound Max sound card, and altec lansing headset. I have everything turned up full blast, but the sound card nor recorder is hearing the input. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  9. Yep, funky colors was corrupt d/l. I turned off my Alternative Zenra movies when I d/l'ed this time, and it is great.
  10. Stupid computer questions come from computer illiterates. The instructions for updating drivers indicate that the current video card driver be uninstalled. I realize this is the instruction, but I am worried that uninstalling a video card driver will make the screen go blank. Also, if this fear is false, and I download the driver, will the install program know where to put the new driver? Thanks...