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  1. Anyone tried this? Does it work? I have the same error message.
  2. No luck for me Joystick was already selected in game controller. help
  3. Same joystick, same problem. Very annoying. Everything was running smoothly until 1.34 Joystick works perfectly with IL-2. I re-installed the game with no luck.
  4. Got problems too with same joystick. It's working fine on IL-2, but acting weird in this game since patch. No hope..... suicide is only option now.
  5. Since 1.34 my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is acting weird. In gunner position (#3), I can fire but rotation is screwed. It only rotates left, and up and down action is reversed. Same for commander position. But when driving the tank, everything is fine, I can turn left or right no problem. ?!?!? And forget flying. Similar problem, I can roll left but not right. I did a fresh re-install of the game, no luck. And my joystick is working perfectly when playing IL-2. Anyone experience this? All was fine in previous version
  6. Hi Just got Track IR 5 today. Installed no problem, was immediately detected by IL-2, works like a charm. Loaded WWIIOL, nothing. Both lights are green, but it is not detected at all. What am I missing?
  7. Oh jeez... Maybe I'm too retarded to play this game. thx!
  8. I get no more info when I mouse-over flags or units on the map, since new patch. ?!?
  9. Can't make it. Too bad, sounds like a real fun event.
  10. I believe the only thing you can do is set your vis limit to low. You will see less friendlies. What kind of connection you have? Someone suggested to me it could be an issue (I am on dsl). What bugs me most is the first drop I had, it happened twice at the same spot in the middle of nowhere. That's why I think it has something to do with loading of cells.
  11. We seem to have similar problem, with similar gear. Check my thread "Zero FPS". I doubt it's a RAM issue, I have 3 Gig.
  12. OK here's the story Yesterday spawned a tank from Clervaux AB, target St-Vith. Nobody on road except one friendly. Halfway there, FPS went from low 40's to 2. Scratch one S35. I unable SSE2 and respawn. At the same location I get the same drop, this time it's 4 FPS. I continue driving and after 1 or 2 minutes, it jumps back up to high 50's. The rest of the way driving in empty countryside I get excellent performances: 60, 70, 80 and more! As I approach St-Vith, we finally own the place. I turn right to drive back on road towards Plum, the new target. Frame rate drops to 16-20. I sence a catastrophe. It comes about halfway to town, with only one friendly in sight: 0 FPS. As I understand it, the game is divided into several "cells" that your computer is loading as you are moving along. The first drop I experienced tells me I reached a cell limit, and my computer can't load info properly for some reason. My hardware is outdated but it should still run this game: Mobo: Asus P4P800SE AGP Processor: PIV 3.0 Ghz RAM: 3Gig Vid card: Nvidia 6800 with 512Mb Soundcard: Soundblaster Live XP home SP 2 DSL HD is clean, I did a complete reformat 1 month ago. Most options are set for performance, but as I said, my problem happens when no one is around. Any idea?
  13. I have an old box: PIV 3Ghz, 3Gig of RAM and a Nvidia 6800 512Mb AGP vid card. Outdated stuff, but believe it or not, I can run the game. Well kind of. As infantry I used to get between 10 and 15 in heavy combat or looking at trees, and between 20 and 30 in quiet zones. Curiously, flying was not bad, 12-15 or more in busy areas. Almost no stutter. Not bad for such dinosaure. I recently reformated my HD. Didn't change any component, but downloaded latest Vid card driver from Nvidia (163.75). My performance were slightly better at first, except at a certain random moment, my FPS dropped to ZERO, 1 or 2 for several minutes. After a while, it went back up. Most times I was too upset and rebooted. I've reinstalled the older video driver I used to have (94.24), and my performances are now stable, with a noticeable improvement - my guess is 30 to 50% better. Anyone else experienced something like this? Maybe newer drivers don't support old hardware. Also, reformat your HD yearly! S!
  14. ^Indeed! Very interesting. This video should be edited and linked from the main page. Very good promotional material.