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  1. It is .net ,....not .org ! That's why it didn't work. Should be correct for 101st! Great Squad!
  2. Good group of Allies to fight beside. You have a dedicated squad. And the song you composed for the recruiting site here is pretty good too. I like the song "Can you hear Australia's heroes marching?" - Remembrance Song. SALUTE!
  3. S! Rebel357, ASUS Rampage III Black Edition Motherboard INTEL Core i7-970 3.20GHz 12MB LGA1366 CPU CORSAIR H80 CPU Cooler CORSAIR Dominator GT 12GB (3 x 4GB) CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 PC3 16000 w/Air Fan CORSAIR HX1000w PSU ASUS GeForce GTX 590 WESTERN DIGITAL Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6Gb MICROSOFT Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit ANTEC 900 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case I always try to have all my drivers up-to-date, then the game runs more smoothly for me. I'm going to try to get in game Friday evening if all goes well, tomorrow. Good luck Rebel357.
  4. S! Ace, How the heck have you been? It's been a long time since the 94th Armored Brigade was together. I've already signed up with the Allied Expeditionary Force, and will be doing so officially when I can get back online in game. Since AEF has Pilots and they work with other Allied Squadrons,... you may want to check them out. Check out how they work, here's their website: . Hope to see you ingame soon! Check your forum messages.
  5. S! AEF: JOIN THE AEF TODAY,...I DID! TEAM T- Together E- Everyone A- Achieves M- More I'm looking forward to our battles together as part of the AEF team!
  6. Salute 3CD! "V" ( . . . - ) for Allied Victory!
  7. S! To All: The 19 Squadron: one of the best Allied Squadrons to fly with. I'm looking forward to fighting with my Squad and other Allied Squads like 19 Squadron soon. RL issue is got me grounded, Cataract surgery, my right eye has done well, and now my left eye needs to be done. Good hunting 19th Squadron! . . . -
  8. S! Bump for 19 Squadron RAF!
  9. S! Bump for Allied Air Groups!
  10. S! Bump for Allied Air!
  11. Bump!
  12. Bump... up she goes.