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  1. I have read all the post on why who what and wanted to throw in my 2 cents worth being an allied player and what affected me the most this map. I am not afraid of tigers if i know where they are. They are a part of the game but heres what i did not like. Gerrmans make the first tier jump and tank killers start showing up I thought this was strange. Then the next tier jump tigers show up and it becomes "well this is bs equipment coming out before it "historically" should so I was pretty well done. Took a look at the map a few days ago logged in to whatever town was being rolled spawned in 7 times never saw a german and died 7 times. Not much fun there. The allies need bodies that can play the germans against the ai is not going to last very long. The core group of the same allied guys by themselves that are left can not hold up to heavy over pop for very long. Its tough to pay money for frustration because of lack of players on the side you are playing.
  2. Up date and upgrade the older towns on the map different look for some of the old towns. Look at dividing some of the other large towns. Get fb's between all towns do away with non fb connections.
  3. Haven't see much historically done when the US came into the war and got the industry going and had 10-15 to 1 tank advantage and a much larger air advantage.
  4. A lot of politicians in this thread.
  5. Just checked the Division itself and when you try to make a mission it says it has no t.o.e. so that must be it.
  6. 4:34 CDT I am in game have been able to move the brit division around and one of the French Divisions. The second French division 2E in N Twerp it will not let me move anywhere says I am not HC. All hc online tried to move it and were unable to. Is it an Issue where it wont let us move French Into a Brit town?
  7. 10-14-16 Informed my real commander while celebrating our wedding anniversary that on the following day I would be traveling to Euless Texas (not very far) to meet up with the guys that have kept the game that I love and enjoy playing so much going and have started it moving forward again. After much planning on my part to allow this to happen I was granted permission to proceed with my intended operation. 10-15-2016 Arrived at Dave and Busters 6:30 PM CST went in to check out the objective since it was my first trip to the establishment. First thought that came to me was how in the heck can I find anyone in this place. Recon assured me that there were no Rats present so I made my way to the best over watch I could find and ordered a beer to pass the time. A group entered the building and the guy leading I was sure I recognized his face then it hit me I have seen it a lot its XOOM. Then I noticed many guys and ladies wearing the WWIIONLINE gear, they had arrived. I introduced myself hello my name is Marc no that's not right my name is striker4. Then the run through of the names started yes he's killed me so has he and he's killed me a lot. I spent 2 very good hours meeting and talking to a group of people who shared with me their devotion to the game we all play. They were excited and driven to push what we all enjoy to the next level and shared with me many things that were great to hear. Having been a leader for 40 years before retiring I could see that XOOM had the respect and following of the group and was leading us, them, and the game to allow the players to enjoy it for many more years. There were blast from the past there DOC, HATCH, GOPHER, and the man that started it all, finally someone that's close to my age. Thank you all very much for the evening I had a great time and am looking forward to all the great times to come. S! striker4
  8. I will be attending. I am local if any leg work is needed here.
  9. Ok loaded new OB sound drivers and that seems to have done it. Thanks for the help. S!
  10. How do you know it's the joystick? Can you play without the joystick plugged in and not have a BSOD? When I first started back I didnt even plug in the joystick figured I would get used to settings and such first. I didnt get the BSOD when I was doing this. Started getting it when I decided it was time to tank.
  11. I have been away from the game for awhile and have started back playing. Since I have been back I have been getting sent random to the blue screen. It seems to involve my Joystick I think. I have a satik x45 that I played with for a long time. I also have a gforce 9800 video card and saw that there were some issues with that also. This seems to only happen when I am using the joystick and I dont remember it happening when I am playing inf. Also when I relog back in everytime I get a connection lost to host on the first log in then it allows me back into the game.