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  1. I had the same problem with the Saitek Rhino. Here is the answer: go to control panel, devices and printers and right click on the Rhino joystick. Select game controllers, advanced, then select the device you want to use with older programs. The Saitek Rhino will show up, select it and click ok. Then select properties and you can calibrate the joystick. You have to use the Control Panel as it doesn't work in Settings, Devices & Printers even though the Rhino shows up there.
  2. Can WWII Online be played using the Oculus Rift? I have nothing that indicates there is either internal or external support for VR but thought I would see if anyone has had any experience.
  3. I have two Saitek Flight controllers that I want to program. Where can I download the WWIIOL keymapper data. It is much easier to have the key commands on a printed page while programming the controllers. Also, I am having an intermittent flashing effect when playing. I have a Sapphire 7950 with 3gb memory and the latest AMD Radion drivers on a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard with 16gb ram. I am running an AMD 8350 processor on Windows 10 64bit.
  4. I am running a Sapphire Radeon 6950 with 2GB DDR5 memory on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 with 16GB ram. I have set all the ATI controls to "use application settings." The in game preferences are set to max. I have no problems with FPS, etc. What I am experiencing is a distortion or brightening of graphic areas that are light or white. I also experience a brightening or darkening of background graphics, (ground, grass, light or white areas in buildings), especially when I move. As a better explanation, when inside a depot, the brick or stone morter joints flash when I move along them. A white building will change between totally white to white with some black irregular lines. I have played with several settings but have not been able to correct the problem.
  5. Today, while trying to get my logitech Anywhere MX mouse to work with BE I signed into the offline version to test. I was in the GI section and selected the M1 and went to a window in the spawn and started shooting at a tree. Low and behold another GI showed up and got infront of me. I backed off!!! I'm offline, this cannot be! But, he was still there so I shot him. He died!!! I then looked up and there was a blue identification symbol. There were two skulls with C1 inbetween. Under each skull was a elongated and somewhat distored x. Anyone know anything about this?? My first thought was that I had been hacked and someone else was using the program or there was a connection to the online BE somehow.
  6. I am having a problem running Battleground Europe. My system is a Gigabyte GA-790FXT-UD5P, 4GB OCZ RAM, Sapphire Radeon 6950 w 2GB. When I start the program the screen goes blank and stays that way. There is no action from the mouse, sometimes. When I activate the Task Manager I get a static screen of a phase of the start up menu, ie, selecting a unit, sometimes the intro screen, etc. It all depends on when I activate the Task Manager. When I close the Task Manager and reopen it I get a new static screen of the program only it is a little further along with the startup. When I am in the Practice Offline mode once I make a weapon selection and the close the Task Manager and reopen it I can fire the wepon, reload it, etc. Just can't see anything moving. One of the FAQs on the wwII online support page says there is a problem with ATI zbuffering. I followed the instructions there, (using regedit, change the zbuffers from 7 to 14. When I try this all I find is zformats_na 31 00. I am using the most recent catalyst, 12.3.
  7. Got it! removed 12-4 Catalyst software and installed 11-9 version. Had to go back and clean the registry to get a clean install. Everything appears to be ok now. Thank you all for your help. Lance
  8. I am going to go back two iterations of the AMD Vision Control Center and all the drivers and see if that does it.
  9. That is 2gb on the video card and 4 gb on the motherboard. You may have hit something tho concerning the triple buffering. I'm going to look at that now.
  10. Rebooting didn't do anything.
  11. Tried it and it doesn't change anything. I will reboot and see if that changes anything although I doubt it. I get sound but the video is frozen and advances in steps each time I open the task manager.
  12. Yes, Windows 7 Ultimate.
  13. For whatever reason I no longer have the aircraft engine sounds. It is there but very, very, low. Anyone have any idea of the cause and fix?
  14. Definitly not as a rock star. Only when flying. All sounds ok except engine.