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  1. I would like to added to the list please. 17" MacBook PRO 2GB Ram Thanks for all the hard work ahwulf!!!
  2. I noticed the same when I tried 1.23.13. There is hope:) Now if we could just bail out of cripled aircraft...
  3. I agree, the emersiveness (is that a word?) is increadible. I first started playing when WWII first came out in 2001, at the time I was playing rainbow6 exlusively but quickly abandoned it when I saw how radilcally different WWII-OL was. The battles and sense of accomplishement when taking a town was unlike anything I had played up to that point. The graphics back then were umm well ... flat, boring, that didn't matter though because what CRS had accomplished with the physics model even at theat early stage was amazing. The graphics have taken a huge leap foward since then. I remember playing it for the first time after not touching the game for about a year, it looked great, and the gameplay was better than I remembered it to be. Good things will continue to come I'm sure.
  4. Thanks for the update chump. So does this mean that even with an Ati card on a MAC, the PRF option still doesn't look the same way as it does on the PC?
  5. I got a feeling from your earlier post that PRF does nothing on the MACs with nvidia cards ibad. I was just looking for a little more confirmation on the subject. It's too bad it doesn't work, I like the effect. In my opinion it makes thinks look more natural, not so crisp. Sorry for the name screw up ahwulf I'm mildly dyslexic. I can't spell either and I'm red/green color blind
  6. Absolutely possitive that I have post render filter checked. I didn't initialy when I followed awful's great Mac config guide(thanks awful), but have since turned it on. What ATI cards are available for the mac? Chump I notice that you have the x800 is it a good card? If you get a chance can you try the post render filter option and see if that makes a difference. Thanks everyone for all the tips and suggestions. I wouldn't be enjoying WWII on the mac if it weren't for this board. Thanks again. renesis
  7. c47 which settings would that be? I've duplicated the settings from the PC on to the MAC. ahwulf, post render filter was checked on both platforms. I've also tried it without. I've also tried every thing that I could to try to dissable the diffused glow on the PC to see what option actually enables or disables it. I couldn't shut it off which I think is further proof that it is not something I can turn on on the MAC , at least not with the Nvidia card.
  8. Maybe haze is the wrong word. It's the diffused glow that happens with reflected light. If you look at my first pic of the cockpit, you can see it on the part just below the gunsight where the sight dissapears. Also, to a lesser degree the highlighted part of the canopy handles. I didn't see this effect in your screenshots chump. If you get a chance can you check the sandbag highlights? Thanks
  9. Ok here they are. This first picture of the cockpit is from the PC an is the best representation of the haze/smooth effect that I am missing on the MAC. All screenshots reduced from 1600x1200 to 1024x768. The next two are from the PC and the MAC in that order. Notice the highlight on the wall behind the pump. The next two also show the lack of highlight on sandbags from the MAC Could it just be an ATI (PC) vs Nvidia (MAC) thing? All the settings are the same on both platforms. Things just looked a lot smoother on the PC with greater depth. Anyway there you have it. Should I get an ATI card for the MAC?
  10. I will be posting pics soon, I've been real busy. Upon re-comparison I noticed that the graphics were actually quite similar. One correction however, on the PC the video card is an X700 not a 9700PRO. The biggest difference and I do miss it from the PC, is what I can only describe as a haze effect. It occurs on when light is reflecting off of something like the leaves on a tree or part of an aircraft. I will try to get some examples up soon. I would really like to get this haze effect back. renesis
  11. I'll try the settings from the sticky and if it still looks wierd I will post screen shots from both. How do you do get the screenshot from tha MAC? is it the same key? Thanks
  12. I used to play WWII Online on a PC with an ATI 9700 Pro. I currently am playing on a Mac. G5 dualcore 2.3 PPC 1.5 GB DDR2 NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256 MB. Should the graphics and effects look the same? On the PC they looked great with that haze effect it looked real good. On the Mac it looks like it used to when WWII Online first came out. No haze effect, the builtings look bland. Can anyone tell me if it should look the same on both platforms? I am new to Macs and it may be a setting or maybe a limitation of the video card I have, I just don't know. Thanks in advance for any reply. renesis
  13. How are you launching the game? I had the same problem. See:
  14. I'ts working now. I think it was because I was launching it through playnet.
  15. Hello, I searched but couldn't find anything on this. I am trying to play WWIIOnline on a: G5 dualcore 2.3 PPC 1.5 GB DDR2 nVIDIA GeForce 6600 256 MB I download and installed the full install for the MAC. When I launch WWIIOnline I just get a black screen with the mouse arrow that I am able to move and that's it. It never gets to the actual game. ny help with this would be greatly appreciated.