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  1. Started Sep 2005, first joined 31st WC for a short while. Turned sides and played die hard axis. Later on, teamed up with Koopman and Lampie, 10 years ago they started the 1st Gebirgjager and I joined.
  2. After 10 years, same question. Won't stand a chance I'm afraid.
  3. Isn't there such a site for the others Theaters of War?
  4. I saw this steering wheel set for 34,95. I'm not sure if I should by such thing. Can I use this steering wheel with gearbox to drive an opel?Will it work?
  5. Tzulscha, I've got a question from a guy from the dutch armour association www.TWENOT.nl He wants to know if Herr Lindemann ever saw any green Tigers during his time in Afrika.
  6. This guy wants to subscribe I told him if he'd buy an activation key, from what I remember, he could play one month for free before they would bill the first month. IS that correct? Can this guy unsub before he gets billed for the first month if he doesn't like the game? I'm not into these things cause I almost immediately became a silver builder.
  7. Ask him if they had crew weapons and wich ones they had? Pistols, MP40, LMG's etc.? Did he ever had to fight for his life, lets say man against man?
  8. Can you lift the veil up a little? Were becoming curious to know whats cooking.
  9. Just give it a try!!!
  10. Hello there!! Polish your boots and join the squad of squads!! The 1st gebirgjäger are here to comfort all your combat needs. Join us now!!!
  11. I play this game for about 2,5 years and had for about 8 cthl's within this time. Last Sunday I played the game and had 6 cthl's within two hours. What's up with this?? Some say its 1.27 others say its my settings or the router or whatsoever. In the meantime 4 other squad members were facing the same problems due to CTHL. This means If we're doing an attack with 10 squad members we can reckon 40% of our units disabled due to CTHL's. I don't think this should do the trick here! What we need here is a solution to this major problem. I resetted and tried to strat the game up again, all I got was the playnet site. After several attempts I got the loading screen to crash out of the game again. It sucks elephant balls!