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  1. We are looking for new members to join the ranks of the 1st FJ. If you have what it takes to become a "Green Devil" then go to our site and sign up! www.1stfj.com
  2. S! The original and largest Fallschirmjager squad is looking for a few crazy bastards to join its ranks. Visit www.1stfj for more info. CO:Raftrey XO:Titus XXO:Soon
  3. Honestly I'd save up a few more bucks and go with the 7950 gt, its worth it.Its a big improvement over the 6600.
  4. Although Im already signed up I keep on getting a "Page Cannot Be Found" error with those links. BTW Im not sure what unit I was assigned, but can it be a sniper (unless thats what it already is).
  5. !S From Black Hand
  6. Having played this game since 2001 Ill tell you guys that its worth giving a shot. Although I do agree that CRS should re-evaluate their costumer support procedures before they lose potential costumers whom they really need. EDIT * Problem Fixed
  7. Guess we'll have to wait this one out and see what happens...
  8. Before I forget, do we get any type of credit for the time during which we pay but cant log in due to crs issues?
  9. thanks, Ill try it
  10. Do they have to leave the current squad via the game squad options or player services?
  11. Bump... Hey Rats please help me here.
  12. Hello there. Im having problems trying to create a squad. I register the XO plus 3 active players and I get the :failed to meet the membership requirements error.... any clue on how to fix this?
  13. The 1st FJ are currently recruiting. Please visit our website for more info. We are one of the original wwiiol units and one of the largest. We have players from all around the world, so theres always someone on. www.1stfj.com