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  1. Myself and the core people I regularly run missions with in Ventrilo (about 12 players) get it. A lot of my squadmates get it as well.
  2. I'm in Knights Von Deutschland and I am so glad I gave them a look when I returned to the game.They are organized and skilled as well as friendly and helpful. There's no pretentious BS. Many types of people are welcome. If you have been playing every campaign since 2001 and are looking for a breath of fresh air, look us up. If you're a newer player, or somewhere in between being a veteran and a newb, you'll also find it easy to jump in. I've invited 4 of my real life friends to the Knights and they're really happy with the experience. I'm a recruiter, not an XO, but feel free to send me a tell if you want to hear more.
  3. I had the same issue with Vista 64 and a Nvidia 8800 GTS. Underclock/overclock, made no difference I tried both. I would get the display driver has stopped responding error. I now run in Xp and have no problems, aside from the CTD that almost everyone in my squad is getting.
  4. I need to adjust the brightness and gamma in-game. Please read what I have tried before replying. I've read the sticky with the settings. I understand all of them. I can do the in-game settings but none of them have an effect on the brightness or gamma in the game itself. When I go into Nvidia control panel and the brightness in any area including desktop/video/etc but it won't affect the game. I use this in all games I play and it works fine but does nothing to WW2 Online. Night time is WAY too dark for me, I can't see a thing. My monitor has the brightness maxed out so I need to be able to brighten the client or do it through my GPU panel. Any help is appreciated.
  5. I need to get the full details together, but here's two off the top of my head. My Uncle, who is still alive, was a US officer in Great Britain who worked as a senior meteorologist. He was a part of the team who helped to pick out the window of opportunity for D-Day and advised Eisenhower. This one isn't glamorous, but without the contributions of these smart men, who knows how things would have gone. My grandfather was part of the occupation force in Germany at the end of 1945, and saw no action.
  6. Thank you to the guys who took the time to send a private message. I really appreciate your thoughts and assistance. I am a bit disappointed with the Axis, tho, only the Allies showed love! That's pretty sad! Ha ha ha ha. If you're Axis, please message me if you have a good squad looking for more enthusiastic infantry with a decent amount of experience.
  7. Hey everyone, I started playing this game when it first came out as ww2 online. I recently returned to check it out. I really like a lot of the changes. The sounds are great, the various types of units and experience system is wonderful. It kind of stinks having to start from scratch but ah well. I have a few thoughts and comments. I am just looking to get some replies to help me to better understand some things. I'm posting this here because I'm also looking to join up with an Axis squad. I don't mind the graphics but it seems like some of the network and overall responsiveness is dated. I have a very high end system and have never had any lag. However, I do see other players lag out and it really affects the quality of play. Many times I have been faced with an enemy who was blinking in and out, teleporting 10 feet away, coming up to me, suddenly blinking back somewhere else, etc, and then killing me. I see people running across the field, everyone else is normal but they get to magically skip 50 feet, bounce back 10 feet, disappear altogether, then go forward 200 feet. They basically become invincible to other infantry. I can't tell you how many times I had a clean shot on someone then they blinked out of existence and appeared 10 feet away. Keep in mind, everything else was normal, and moving properly...it's definitely not an issue on my end. It's like they are in the Matrix because we were all moving normally but they are blinking all about. I can't defend myself with a rifle versus these Neo allied soldiers. I understand the graphics being the way they are for various reasons but are there any plans to make the network and gameplay more responsive? I've been killed about 30 times from people I already killed. They were able to magically keep running or firing after I nailed them. When I was launching out of my body to go to German heaven, I could see they were killed as well, and it was tagged on my list. Is this ridiculous delay intentional? I get that people don't always die instantaneously, but it feels more like Atari 2600 when I shoot someone repeatedly and they get a 5 second grace period to go out blazing like Rambo. At the very least they could get some greying out or reddening of their screen the instant they are shot. If a fellow German shoots off something near me it wrecks my life and my stamina, yet shooting someone in the chest 4 X does nothing at that instant until they are "completely dead." I also have noticed that there is very poor coordination between players unless you're a registered member in a squad. If you aren't someone who is buddies with everyone, you are generally treated like an outsider. I always mark enemies. I am a team player. I have found myself fighting off EI in a house, explaining what was going on, while 20 people on my side run by within 5 feet, ignoring it. I suppose getting in a squad would help this a lot. The non-coordination of being outside of a squad is highly frustrating to me. I checked out a few sites but some of the groups seem to be designed around people who make this the centerpiece of their existence. As someone who has run clans/guilds/units in other games, I know rules and other requirements are very important. However, I think it is strange when there are 200 rules that seemingly demand you play 2,000 hours a week. Are there any people out there who both have a sense of humor and are able to play well? I don't like it when people take themselves too seriously. I think it is possible to have a blast, perform well under pressure, and have fun without taking one's self too seriously. I am just looking for a squad to join up with to have fun with in a video game, not join the CIA. I hope people don't take this as a big negative rant, a lot of things have changed, and I am just looking for your constructive thoughts and ideas. Lev PS I have NO idea why it says I joined in 2008 when I joined on this very same account in the summer of 2001.