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  1. I just re-subbed to BE and had the same problem I downloaded the FULL PC version, then when launching the game, the auto updater just hangs. I just downloaded the lastest update directly from the site, and it works a treat
  2. You are running the game with the "Run as Admin" checked yes ? this might help, if not.
  3. Thanks for the info. It's funny, i can play as infantry ok, its just flying & using Bofo guns that cause me trouble, that i have found thus far. Last campaign it was ok. My subscription is up at the end of the month, i dont think i am going to renew it this time around sadly, as the game is so unpredictable.
  4. Well, i downloaded both the hotfix files, installed one, then the other file said it wasnt needed on my system when i tried insatlling that one. I just played the game as Luftwaffe, and i thought it had worked, as this was the biggest portion of the game it freezes-white screens-cthls. but sadly after 20 minutes or so, it broke again
  5. XE, on the microsoft site there were 2 hotfix files compatable with my system. How many hotfix files did you download & install ? 1 or 2 files ?
  6. I have the same graphics card on my Vista 64 bit OS. I didnt have problems last campaign, but i recently downloaded the 182.50 drivers, and now i get CTHL too much. I was hoping the drivers would be ok, but this happend to me before, and rolling back worked for me in the past. So If you, like me updated recently, try rolling back to the previous version that worked. Also disabling the PhysX option in your graphics settings helps, which i read on here.
  7. I used Comodo internet security untill recently, as a recent update broke my Vista software. I would reccomend Avast anti virus if you use Vista.
  8. Login too, and Send a support ticket and tell them at.....
  9. I get that firewall warning on load up too, it never used to happen before version 1.29.3, i just click ok and it plays ok. What verison of windows do you have ? What is the mouse name ? If its vista, try running the game as Admin. right click the BE desktop icon->properties->compatability->check run as admin->apply->restart the game. See if that works.
  10. Quick update, as i posted above that I couldnt play. I am now able to play the game without constant CTD's due to a bit of luck. I couldnt get FM2009 to work, and someone posted on their forums, to uninstall my graphics drivers, then use device manager on my PC to update them instead. The latest 180.40 Nvidia drivers for my GForce GTX8800 card, it seems, were causing me toruble, so when I unistalled them, and updated via DM (and although my latest version is only updated to 178.13 now)it works, so I am not complaining......for now
  11. No worries, at least you can play the game.
  12. I use a logitech G5 laser mouse, and i know that if you run the game in compatability for WinXP - the mouse freezes with BE. Could this be it ?
  13. p.s not sure if mine is 100% CTD per say - it is more that the game just stops working, and windows tells me the game has stopped, and asks me to close program or wait for it to start working again(yeah right). as sometimes i can play the game ok for long/short periods of time, then other times, it just stops working, and wont let me play at all. anway, just FYI.
  14. Post your computer specs in the "CTD on Spawn? We need information." sticky thread. I myself have had these constant CTHL's only since version 1.29 came out in general. It either CTHLS on the bridgae screen, or in the game. Sometimes i am able to play for decent periods of time and no problems, or play for decent periods of time, then it CTHLS. And then when i try to get back in, constant CTHLS.
  15. I think this 1-5 second lag is the same for everyone. I often kill ei, then there is a delay, then i get killed by the same guy i just shot to pieces due to lag. Or ei shoots me when it looks liek he isnt even paying attention, or able to shoot me(rifle down). Only solution is to take them by suprise with no return fire, or keep mobile as much a spossible.