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  1. Is got the keymap thing all ok for me , but others may have a problem, its not that wide spread I don't think.. I ve made all my corrections so Iam set. Thanks for your concern , I would just put it on the back burner for a while more important things to attend to , tks for your time..
  2. Ok Poogie I tried paying my union dues and got kicked to desk tks
  3. Still kicks me if I go to an individual piece of equipment and make any changes as soon as I save it, it kicks me to desktop,, no reason given.. Now if I make any keymap changes to General heading like Ships and Boats it does not kick me , only individual settings. Tried del Global no change, can't figure out off line changes as mentioned. If I go to individual settings and change through keymapper to default then go to general heading of the types of equipt, and save it does not kick . But this is frustrating as corrections and new keymapper for anything special can't be done, Trying to find work around now.. but like I said before 90 percent of the changes are done through each equiptment heading so that's ok. Work around for not losing equipment on individual settings is go to keymapper and do not log in to Brigades make changes to keymapper for what ever individual piece and save, it kicks me but the change is made and I do not lose any equipment off spawn list as Iam not in a Brigade. So I guess Iam ok for now I know how to do it and not lose any stuff off the spawn list.. but having to reload game several times is a bit frustrating . Iam almost done changing what I need to, so maybe this will help others.
  4. did that Zeke did not help ,, its freaky sometimes it works sometimes it kicks me ,, oh well almost all Keymap changes I have accomplished, I just don't like losing equip to the spawn list.. maybe Ill make missions way in back to give spawn list to renew so I don't lose anything to front line... tks
  5. Well its not ok anymore,, keymapper when I save changes ctd me several time, the keymapper entries were changed ok but the equiptment was lost on the spawn list,, I have 64 bit win7 , game is under that programs (x86) and it should be under regular programs maybe,, none of the above worked... any more suggestions? I have 4 gig ram also and 3.0 grz speed so no problem there,, no reason given why it kicks me out on keymapper saves.. huh??? iam lost here.. tks
  6. Tks Max I have 64 bit win 7 ,, logged in last night and all was normal,, ? will try what Zeke says if it happens again,, tks for your time..
  7. Hello Folks.. I just got into game after 5 yr loss of memory... I got into game all is good, went to keymapper to refresh memory on stuff and alter stuff for my game play. All was ok and it worked in game. Now today I spawn in an aircraft noticed a couple keymap items were not to my liking so I clicked on area map, references, and keymapper , made my changes clicked on save and bam!! kicked me to desk top , no warning nothing just bam ,, thought ok maybe a glitch or me, rejoined and loaded game all is good went to the same airfield Vliss, went to plane selection and noticed 1 plane short, (ok np someone else must have taken one) spawned in went to keymapper again and bam back to desk top,, reloaded game went to Vliss and noticed 2 planes missing that I selected????? this some allied hack trick or what? am I doing something wrong??? if me sorry if not help me out if you can.... tks all for your time.. losing equiptment on list like this is wrong big time,, pilot got kicked I did not take the aircraft with me...
  8. Did not have any concussion bugs in Beta ,, but live have had 2 both in FB as infantry,, once under heavy air attack,, the other no one was around at all ,, there was no red concussion aspect as usual just the thumping and shake but no red concussion ,, both times was just after spawn in inf at FB..only happen 2 times so far ,, As the first poster said its the Havoc that is causing this ,, delete all Havocs from game,, end of ok maybe not!!
  9. GOPHUR..experimented with fru ,, made navy mission from moer to willem fb ,, from ab in moer to the fb,, spawn in opel,, started eng and hit D which brings up my FRU placement image,, it stayed green from ab garage (just out side) all way to 10 feet from the target FB vech spawn,, maybe need some distances checked,, also tried defensive only mission for FRU,, went out 3 k from town almost to the fb it remained green available to build and i built one 3 k from town , this is the first tme i went that far on a defensive mission I have had no trouble setting def fru 1.5 or 1.6 from point of origin in the town i was in.. I know before FRU's we had some limitations on these things,, maybe need some again.. tks for your time..
  10. Yokilla ,, yes one can be killed through the slit front but we have found that depolyed properly in the slit and shooter at the IFP is on same level ground you cannot hit the target inside the IFP,, now granted this is a very narrow spectrum but stll its possible,, I do agree its fine for now and fast fix should be made available if players on live server go nuts at it .. tks Yok..
  11. Iam sure CRS is working to fix the problem,, right now first person IE lmg,, sees no berm edge and looks like your clear,, but in fact the gun clips through the IFP,, now the problem is if only the gun sticks out you cannot kill the shooter inside the bullets hit the berm and do not penetrate,, if the shooter that is seeing the IFP is slighly eleveated,, say another berm near by then the defender of the IFP is exposed and can be killed,, but on even terrain the occupant in the IFP is safe ,,except from bombs ,, and planes that attack from above,, we are testing tanks to see if HE or guns can kill the occupant on level ground,, tks
  12. Currently any sapper placed charge on an AI tower lmg type cannot distroy it but a specially placed nade will,, Any reason thats not fixable?? In the new version 1.32 it maybe fixable or not??.. I know this has been years debate,, but now may be the opportunity to iron out some of the problems like this..adjust amout of charges necessary to blow a bridge, or rebuild a bridge with sappers,, Most feel its a little to much atm,, maybe redude by 25% might be more helpful?.. things like this might be done in the new version if you all got the time..?,,, tks just some thoughts here...
  13. Don't know if this is in the works or not,,, bombs of certian weight and sapper charge should be able to distroy a DGE,, as it did in RL,, and kill whats in it,, to balance this maybe more camo on the DGE itself might even things out a bit , as it seems everything stands out from the air if it is even slighly off in color from the terrian around the object,,, ie trucks, tanks, inf persons, ect ect.. tks..
  14. Don't mind distances,, when we checked it is not that far away from each other, But there foot print is so large it prevents building IFP in bushes in some areas that I know would fit if it would allow it to be built,, We also found that a vech of the enemy of any type can drive over the IFP's and it will kill the occupant or occupants,, as IFP is above ground not in the ground thus no cover from drive overs..
  15. These pics might help some...first 2 are other version of IFP last pis is what we have now version,, pointing out same problem both versions.. these were on sat the 10/11 NOTE: ei can be killed by running over them in the IFP,, in any positon we found.. also when a friendly runs over you in your IFP , we found that you clip inside for a brief sec then are placed back in the IFP but not in the same position your were in,, IE if looking out the firing slit and friendly vech runs over you, you clip inside a sec then are placed at 2 oc if 12 oc is the slit opening,, strange but not unplayable...