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  1. same here 10057 at 1534 pst
  2. While out on the ground with anything , if a plane shows up even at max range the sound of the aircraft overwhelms all other game sounds,, its defening,, we need a way to tone down aircraft sounds in the game,, or have ability to set in preferences like other settings with sliders,, its terrible when 90 percent of the time i dont care what an aircraft is doing only what is happening around me,, I could turn it down but then situatiional awareness is effected on the ground,, there just plane to loud ,, tks
  3. Thanks Bloo,, had a ticket in got email all is good again,, take care..
  4. same 8/29 1900 pst
  5. just got kicked 8/29 cant get back in says subscription is not valid,, whats up ticket submitted ..
  6. Understand TO thanks, I may be looking for something that is not doable as I want or think I want,, tks for your time ..
  7. Thanks all,, TO yes i see the problem with win 7. My set up will be no speakers as my situation is headphones to keep noise down in house,, Couple years ago I used a soundblaster aud card and 5.1 surroud sound speakers,, turned it up and neighbors started filing sand bags and building tank traps in the Now I have elderly in house so must not use the speakers anymore. So with no speakers, a direct connect to card for mic and headset is what iam looking for atm.. thanks for your time all , I'm getting the picture better..
  8. Thanks Blipoop for the info,, Yes No connection for usb but it can be done, but it ends up same as i have thus no gain. Have been advised to get good sound card and hook in 5.1 head set with 3.5mm to the card itself. ? sounds ok but I know that set up is going to be costly for the head set to do that,, but will check out the card you advised and I think I know how you hooked it up .... tks
  9. Hey gang .. currently using onboard sound system (windows 7) with USB head set and mike on headset.. Looking for good sound card that someone is really happy with that I can plug my headset into and use the built in mike for ts. Looking for 5.1 surround sound or 7.1 but 7.1 is not necessary. Also how do I connect my USB headset to a sound card to hear all the game sounds and talk on TS same time? adapter maybe as no sound card I heard of has usb connection on it?.. But if your really happy with a certian set up let me know please ,,, thanks take care..
  10. I have windows 7, cant hear anything anymore,, But I believe iam deaf from the AI at airfields that continue to shoot when no aircraft around. and that dumb siren over the years AI should fire 1 shot hit plane stop firing,,lol huh ,, what , who,, oh thanks for the beer dear....!
  11. Bump a bump!!
  12. Ya munchkin heard that one on the drivers,, standard proceedure after service pak download,, ok will try it out then ,, if you dont hear form me i had a melt down and cannot get tks for your help..
  13. anyone have any problems with the game when they load microsoft service pack 3 for xp? rumors tks in advance
  14. Thanks I feel better now,, thought i was getting into a blog for all this time illegally,,lol blog is very good and informative on lot of subjects,, thanks,, Ill let the squaddies know its ok to visit the blog as usual... tks take care..