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  1. The Irony is HC is supposed to help and enable battles. All i've seen is late TZ caps and gamey features by certain HC. Literal trolls of game play.
  2. Oof, all that aside the lighting and bloom are better than that! Now the models, yeah they could use some love.
  3. Awesome job CRS! Keep up the good work!
  4. September ‘05 i think either BKB or 3PZG
  5. I agree but we'll need some new towns before that's optional. The resupply of factories for the french drops once factories are taken, which reduces the efforts greatly. I saw a huge up tick in allied players when Americans are playable, and overall that's what happens. Unfortunately we also have a TZ3 problem that led to not only the factories being multicapped 2 nights ago, but literal England being invaded last night with little to no fight. Extending the camp wouldn't fix that.
  6. Damn wake up and see all these softcaps. TZ3 for the win
  7. Thanks for the update!
  8. I think they're arguing semantics, obviously you cannot sprint and fire with any weapon. The run and gun is when you're sprinting through a cp/ab with an LMG and stop holding down shift (still holding down W to move though) and then spray while moving. Just because you're not holding down shift when firing doesn't mean there's not an inherent advantage of getting close and still moving while firing in a short amount of time. The LMG and especially the fire rate of the German LMG just decimates those in front of it regardless of the minimal climb/recoil, your target will be gone with simply holding down the fire button.
  9. At first I thought you were talking about letting ML's place them anywhere as any equipment (i.e. rifleman placing FMS's wherever) and I literally unsubbed back (i want to say 2010?) when it was implemented. Literal wack a mole to a [censored] degree. As far as the boxes though it might not be as good as perceived. Those flags of each nation are a real eye sore from ground and air alike (Making easy targets to spot) and if I recall correctly you could take them out with a couple grenades too. The good thing about an FMS is you NEED sachels to take it out, at least allowing it's longevity. FMS's are probably the best implementation i've seen about spawning in game yet. MSP's were alright but when they first came but, you literally had to sit in your truck and if you despawned it's gone. I proposed something a long time ago around the lines of ZOC spawns, where you cap layers of the outside town until you get close enough to cap the actual town. Prevents ninja capping and allows more ZOC battles rather than "Find the FMS". The real problem is coding any new spawning into the game, that's the big issue.
  10. In theory the same problem could be there because you're right it's not when holding down shift, but it's at least a better solution until new animations can be made to slow down reloads/recoil problems. But if someone is running and tapping shift on and off they can fire and move with little to no recoil. That's where the argument comes in, because firing and moving with that heavy of equipment (regardless of side) shouldn't be a thing. It was understandable when the game came out in 2001 because games like quake and counter strike were cartoonish in nature like that and had zero recoil.
  11. I would say different tactics involved. If you're inferring the Mattie i've mentioned in other posts it's relevant until the 3h and pak 38 (is that in tier0 now?) come in and then it's easily taken out. Once the Axis Tigers' come in, if you're playing allied you best be damned if you're going to go head first against one, you need to try to out maneuver (the new turret speed of the tiger is a debate in itself) and hit it from the side. Also allied air is different tactics. The spit is a turn and fight fighter, that's why it has elliptical wings to help with wind drag. meanwhile the axis have designed boom and zoom fighters and therefore have some of the best speed in game. It's a give take and the LMG's should never be used except for support as designed. I can't tell you how many times all it takes is one Axis LMG to hold an AB or depo against what could be an entire squad. If deployed or stationary is one thing but to literally run around and just rambo should have a benny hill theme behind it because it's just comical.
  12. I haven't even looked at this thread until now. Honestly, I've played more sorties as Axis even though I haven't played them in 10 years (except for the occasional sorties in intermission/breaks) the LMG was a problem then. It's literally a lazer beam with no recoil. Any modern games played today require an immense amount of time for MG reloading and firing from the hip is arguably less efficient. This isn't a partisan issue and shouldn't be, i've been Axis HC and Allied, played both and seen both sides. Running around and blasting with the LMG is gamey and should've been gone a long time ago. Since all LMG's are getting this "Nerf" it's not one sided lopsided, and if you think it is then you're admitting the ability of Axis LMG's to rambo clear depo's with ease.
  13. I know you guys probably got a lot going on with future fixes and ideas but is there any news on UI changes? We've had the same UI for over 10 years and with 1.36 I was wondering what's the new system possibly going to look like? Personally I still get lost trying to find brigs from the drop down menu, and with the "Active battles" menu boggs down the whole concept of making missions like it was in the past.
  14. lol should've done that, was wondering why he was getting so angry in his posts about it.
  15. so 20 kills against the matty is the evidence? what about S35's and their complete inability to penetrate 3h. Any time i go to french tanks the 3h just plows through, and you can easily fire over 30 rounds and nothing. Or the A15,A13, Stuart, R35, all get decimated by the 3h's defense, But sure the 20 kill difference is waaaayyy too OP.