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  1. Unlucky, at best. CRS has to move on at some point, the fact you didn't realize the new minimum specs isn't their fault. This is a constantly upgrading game, at some point, someone is going to be technically left behind if they don't upgrade their computers once in a while. Unfortunately, you should have figured that out before you bought it. That's your responsibility, to know what you're buying. I understand if you think you're not at fault, but i don't see how CRS is at fault. It's only 15 bucks anyway.
  2. you probobly just got the driver.. stop spamin the forums trying to lower german morale or ill start bringing up the a13 tin can.
  3. meryk seems to go here when im not on, so meryk start reading the letter i sent. reply.
  4. last night i was with gundahar, he and me killed 11 infantry and 1 church III and a MK III. in a mission in defence of a town we multied a panzer ivg. i gunned he drove. but dont get me wrong he drove well and actouly spotted the MK III waiting near a building drove right behind him and shot him up the tail pipe. he was a wicked mg gunner. got 6 of the 11 inf that day. best tanking day i had for months.
  5. nice too know we can add another axis pro too the list. GJ
  6. try not too use sirens they make your enemy hide, but not that quick....he was probobly wiating in ambush in a near by bush thus the name "amBUSH".
  7. most pages ive ever seen
  8. i know no one cares about me or my heritage, just doing it in honor of a dead soldaten of the german army, so dont get on me.
  9. my grandpa was in ww2 (thats what led me here) he was a oberluitenent or something like that he fought in poland,france,russia,africa,germany, he was captured in berlin about a weak after hitlers death he migrated to america where he died in 1981 he was 90 he was born in 1911 he joined the german army in 1939 when germany declared war on poland he was 18 my great grandpa died in ww1 no much is known about my family before him or barley knew anything about grandpa and unfortunatley after moveing to america at a young age i eventouly forgot my main language of german dint take long before it was replaced by english so unfortunatley my german is a bit old and partialy forgoten
  10. iv been round for one and i havent seen a sqoud that teamplays why should i bealeve yours does? ___________________________________________________________ I am a soldier in the german army.