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  1. To keep it accurate, the RAF should be on alert status...then when the axis are at a historic distance and altitude an alert is broadcast on the allied side to get them to scramble planes.....that way the bombers aren't met near the French coast.
  2. Put me in a fighter first, LW side, no 110 please...if we are out of fighters I can fly any of the bombers.
  3. I turned off thread optimization and this seems to work.
  4. I am getting map/terrain glitches since installing windows 7. Open the map and there are white tiles everywhere, and seeing more than usual in the regular game. This is resulting in lower framerates. I am running the game with the compatability mode changes. I also have the game loaded on a ssd, and I have just now changed the paging file to another drive (thinking it may be the problem). My system is as follows: Mobo: Gigabyte GAMA69VM-S2 revision 1.0 CPU: AMD black 6400 @ 3.2 Gigahertz Drives: Corsair CSSD-R60GB2 sata and WD 300 GB sata drive Mem: 4 Gigs Corsair Dominator DDR2 800 Dual Channel @ 1.8 volts SC: Creative Xtremegamer Vid Card: Nvidia 9800GT Monitor: LG E2350 Led monitor Power Supple: 430 watt
  5. Lol the bit about bait is funny...and thanks jav! We used to have about 8 guys that would do nothing but bomb, but for various reasons left the game or had RL interfere. Looking to ramp up the bombing ops again.
  6. Bose 26 is looking for dedicated bomber pilots to fill positions in our bomber staffels. We have plenty of fighter pilots (of course we could always use more) and really want to help the ground guys by putting bombs where they are needed. The requirements are 1) We are an axis only squad except for intermission 2) Come fly with us for a few weeks to make sure you like how we do things 3) No inflamatory personalities please . I think most of the people who fly with us know we are pretty laid back and enjoy the company we keep. Anyone interested can join us anytime on teamspeak and fly with us, or drop us a line on the squad forums . Thanks and see you in the skies!
  7. I have noticed a slight decrease in performance with the last patch. Not terrible, just about 10 frames dropped. Gonna try and get a new mobo with sli, buy a second 6600gt and see what happens.