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  1. It's not the distance that matters so much. Anything under a hundred meters would probably be in with a chance. The trouble is the tiny target area to hit with something that isn't really a precision weapon, and the angle really does have to be perfect. If you manage a complete penetration, then gunner/commander/loader legs are all possible. As is spall hitting all of the above and possibly even the far side ammo racks. The driver/hull gunner are better targets. They sit lower in front of the largest target area. [The gap above the tracks is bigger towards the front of the tank]. The chances of spall through the upper hull sides and turret is very low indeed.
  2. Unless things have changed the only reliable kill shot on a tiger with a 2 pounder or mle37 is at a perfect side shot, above the tracks, and below the track guards. The lower hull is only 60mm. But most is covered by road wheels and tracks. We're talking a target a couple of inches high. A tough target at any range, and if you get too close in say, a DAC, the downward angle means you won't penetrate. I've never managed it from more than 100m away, and even then it typically requires multiple shots and a really dumb tiger driver. The pak 36 retains becomes more useful in later tiers because the average armour level of the tanks it faces actually drops. Couple that with the current highly over optimistic [read : completely made up] penetration stats assigned to it, and yeah. It's a significant danger to a sherman, while a B1 bis can pretty much ignore it.
  3. Tried Windows 10. Struggled for a couple of weeks. Gave up, wiped it, went back to windows 7. And I have an IT background. It's not like I'm a noob.
  4. They need to model mass, inertia, and momentum for all weapons. Short, light handy guns should be able to rotate and aim faster than long, heavy, bulky ones.
  5. Nailed a 109 a long time ago with the Brit .38 pistol. Once sprayed a Bren wildly at a passing He111 and got the kill. Random things happen. Hell, I remember once apon a time long ago before we had AA guns or LMG's, we used to get detachments of rifles and SMG's on rooftops to volley fire at attacking aircraft. ;-)
  6. 124 in an A13. Had to despawn for lack of ammo.
  7. Yeah, I went a to single 21:9 widescreen after I stopped playing TGTCWTF so much... also those 24" monitors in the final setup were rather old and drawing over 120w EACH... and my power bills were... interesting. Apparently the newest gen eyefinity capable cards can run multiple monitors in multiple aspects [portrait/landscape/portrait] and if I'm back I might pick up a new card and a couple of cheap 19 - 22" monitors to go either side of my 32".
  8. ATI cards with eyefinity handle it quite well. The only problems in WWIIOL are an oversized compass and a fisheye effect at the edges.
  9. Same here... wait. No, its fixed now.
  10. But what you are describing is only good for direct fire. It's a not-very-good-anti-tank-gun. Even medium mortars have a maximum range greater than we can render targets. Artillery could literally shoot from one town to the next in game.
  11. Yeah, I'd forgotten about aircraft. It's help with that too. Maybe an increase in the visible player limit?
  12. Way back when, in separate attempts to improve performance on average PC's infantry render distance was reduced from 1000m down to 700m... and all rounds were discarded if they glanced off an object [like tank armour, internal components, etc]. Well, now that the average CPU/GPU is massively better... maybe we could think about increasing infantry render distance and allowing rounds a single bounce or even more if they are inside a vehicle? I feel this is especially important now that infantry have weapons that can engage targets outside the 700m limit... and make ATG's and armour a little less vulnerable to infantry literally charging straight at them across open ground. With the ricochet discard as is I feel reduces lethality of most AP rounds and leads to a lot of WTF moments for players. Example : Currently as I understand it. A round penetrates armour, generates spall from the inside face, then impacts say, the transmission or gun carriage at a bad angle, is determined to ricochet off... and is therefore discarded. EVEN IF IT IS AN APHE ROUND THAT HASN'T DETONATED YET. In the case of any round thus discarded, its still INSIDE the vehicle, still traveling at a fair clip. A single calculated angle change would give it a better chance to reflect that lethality. If the CPU cycles were adequate, a few bounces would be even better.
  13. I think it'd be a lot easier to just add the FAO's and allow them to call for fire. Render the incoming shells trajectory from the limit of the FAO's view range in the direction of the nearest friendly town and use the FAO players view to determine effects on targets. No new units. No STO or ordnance servers. The only downside would be that the FAO would have to be rather close to get hits on EI. The upside is that you couldn't just bombard fixed positions like towns and FB's without having a spotter close.
  14. How would that help? Most, prob 75% players are like you and only play one side. Locking only locks the numbers where they are now. IE. Lopsided.
  15. A massive number of noobs might swing the balance... but they'd need to outnumber the vets significantly to have a chance. Not just provide equal numbers.