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  1. Nah I'ts not wireless. And every time I run that it looks very simular. Can't get my cable company to do a damn thing about it. Gonna have to switch to DSL I guess.
  2. What does this look like to you guys?
  3. Thats what I think it is anyway. Been having this problem for a few months now. First it was constant CTHL and then I checked the netcode box and WOW! No more CTHL!!. But now I'm seeing extreme warping by all units. The thing of it is, it only happens after 6 PM. My ping ingame runs 45-56 all day long untill 6 PM and then shoots up to 385. I've run trace routes on my connection and see simular results. 50 ms all day and then 200 ms after 6 PM. I've called my cable company and they insist there is nothing wrong with my service and those kinds of ping times are normal. Does this sound like bandwidth trouble at my providers end? I've had their people over to my house countless times replacing cable, modems ect in the past so I'm having a hard time believing its hardware related. The only thing I can think to do now is switch to DSL. I'm just scared I'll go through the same ordeal with them.
  4. God. I've got 100% packet loss in one area everytime it refreshes and multiple other areas of 20%+ . I think the only solution at this point is to plan a terrorist attack on my cable company. Thanks for the tip.
  5. For the last two days I've been experiencing massive packet loss according to the info displayed in-game. I've checked everything I can think of and even called my ISP provider to have them check my connection. They were zero help. When pinging I'm getting pings of around 61-120ms with an occasional spike to 200ms. In the past I remember my pings being much more stable and possibly around 30ish. Sound like a problem with my ISP?
  6. Having a problem with my router that may be the cause of my CTHLs. Pinging gives me a result of 1000+ ms. If I reboot my router and ping it again I get 60ish ms pings, but eventually it reverts back to bad pings. Do I need a new router?
  7. I get the same thing man. It's like every 2 min after spawning in on the dot. Never had the problem with my old machine but my new dell does it constantly. Tried all the fixes in the sticky but still no luck. Weird though, I'm playing right now with no problems.
  8. UPDATE: Fixed the problem by rebooting my router lol. Apparently the last power outage messed up my settings or something.
  9. Ok I got cable but got "Request timed out". What does that mean?
  10. Same problem. Read the above sticky and tried recommended changes. Still have the same problem. I CTHL'd 5 times within 15 min. Never had this problem with my old thrown together rig. Just started after paying $1400 for a new Dell.
  11. Ya you can see Sideout and Me making a bombing run on the east river bank. That place was hell to bomb though with all those boats shooting at us. I got shot down a couple of times but it was fun. A bit "stuttery" though .
  12. AMD3500+ 2 gigs ram NVIDIA Geforce 8800GTS FPS is fine everwhere and in all units except when I fly close enough to a town for the ground units to start rendering.
  13. Bump. I'm getting same thing. I have 2gigs or ram.
  14. We're "boneafide"...........
  15. you know you wanna join